shoulder arthoscopy


After a bad dislocation playing rugby....and several dislocations since then I'm now due to have surgery to repair the front of the shoulder.

Now....if I were a sensible person, I'd not play rugby again (ever), but what are the chances of playing again? (I play tight-head....stupid position)

Rugby aside, the army docs are confident that after a 12 month wait, I can rejoin.

Does anyone have any experience of this operation (I gather it's quite a common op). Am I likely to return to full mobility and strength are carry on like it never happened or is my shoulder going to remain flawed??




War Hero
I had a lot of shoulder work done when I was MD'd from the army, I've had arthroscopy work and it's a relatively small procedure. I.E they open you up stick a camera in and then stitch you up.

Depending on what has happenned and the condition of the shoulder they may need to do a capsular shift. This is where they tie up some of your ligaments to create a casing for shoulder joint.

In my case my shoulder came out more often than the readers of gay times. But with the right muscle work you can strengthen it and it can be as good as new.

What I will say is listen to the docs, I tried too much too soon and it caused more hassle. Build up slowly. PM if you need more info on this.

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