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WTF is a Romanian dead lift ?
It's like this. People used to do Stiff legged deadlifts & stand on a Block for a "stretch".. Romanian deadlifts are safer with unlocked knees & you don’t need to go lower than in the Video. Will train hamstrings, gutes, lower, upper back. Can use two dumbbells too or what ever.
If I’m right you only have to lift 76kg for basic training though right which I’m pretty sure I can do? I’ve not been doing any dead lifts. Should I be? I’ve mostly just been running 2k to 16k and doing loaded walking (around 10k with a 10kg pack) and push ups and sit ups. This will be enough for infantry reserves entry though no?

I’m concerned that I’m almost 40 but I used to be a bit of a triathlete and I can manage the 2k run in under 8 mins so I’m hoping the physical side will be achievable. Waddling with a backpack is my biggest concern atm.


Maybe read this. I got given this some years back. Has circuit training covering everything you'll need. Talks about injuries, rehab, weight training section.
Maybe not the place for it, but applies to foot care. Winters here on the highveld are bloody dry and I find my fingers crack open on the knuckles, along with cracks in lips that others would fix with lip balm.

Also cut about barefoot wherever I can so my heels and soles split, along with the tops of my toes. Summer pretty humid here, so no problem but winter can get a bit crappy.

The solution I've found can be applied to foot care for tabbing/training as well if anyone wants to give it a go. Leather food, particularly carnauba wax and beeswax based ones, although the expensive Italian stuff for your Ferrari seats should also work. Goes from bleeding cracks in my soles to soft and comfy in 30 minutes.

I know there are all sorts of foot lotions on the market, but this stuff doesn't stink of a hooker's boudoir, quite the opposite. Also does the job better I find. Superior ingredients like lard and tallow I'm guessing, unless you're a screaming vegan toucher of humorous vegetables.


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