Should women have power

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by FBW, May 13, 2004.

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  1. FBW

    FBW Old-Salt

    Discuss :roll:
  2. Wot, you mean should women be allowed to occupy positions senior to ones self? Or is it a 25th anniversary thing and you're feeling nostalgic for Maggie?
  3. FBW

    FBW Old-Salt

    if you been in the naffi 2nite you would understand :lol:
  4. In bed? Yes.
  5. No they feckin well shouldn't. I only made a few puerile comments about PB being related to simians, and had a rolling fight with MM that lasted 2 hours, insulted some ghastly oiks with no breeding, and insulted all the 'wimmin' in the room.

    Democracy?? Pah! You'd think TB and Hoon were running the room tonite.

    I blame Piers Morgan for everything. And Trumpton.

    Posted on 3rd booting.
  6. What is this curious NAFFI thing... [logs in]... Oh, I see.
  7. i only got booted once[​IMG]!!
  8. They're not being very nice to each other...
  9. Dont worry chaps. It was only a trial. This kind of thing must never be allowed to happen ever, ever again!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. Absolutely not!! Give us power next thing you lads do is attempt to order us into the kitchen to cook :wink: I am quite happy power-less with my hexy tyvm :D
  11. Of course women must have power.

    How are they going to use all those domestic appliances otherwise??!!! :D :D :D
  12. Indeed Rudolph, but ensure that you connect the appliance to the juice for them. The complexities of the 3 pin plug are far more than their delicate brains can handle :wink:
  13. As long as men have dumbsticks, women will have power! :wink: :D
  14. *Make a cup of coffee*

    *Find a suitable sharp(ish) knife in the kitchen drawer*

    *Unscrew the new plug (with the kinife) and remove the cover*

    *Spend ten minutes thinking about those black stilletto's you're going to buy at the weekend*

    *The fuse is on the right hand side and sometimes depending on the make of plug is best removed to allow access to the terminal*

    *Have another coffee whilst you figure out how to tackle the next step*

    *The terminal on the bottom left next to the fuse should be connected to the Live (Brown) cable*

    *The right hand terminal should be connected to the Neutral (Blue) cable*

    *Finally the top terminal should be connected to the Earth (Green and yellow) cable*

    It's simple to remember the correct positions of the wires

    *Ring your best friend up to chat about where you'll be going at the weekend, not forgetting to mention that you're going to buy those shoes*

    *After connecting the wires, the appropriate fuse should be replaced and finally the flex cable should be clamped in place using the cable grip at the bottom of the plug*

    *Screw the cover back on with the knife*

    After all that hard work you'll need to rest for an hour

    *On returning, a quickly inspect the plug (admiring your handywork) ...... and plug it in!*

    * B A N G *

    Oooops-a-daisy!!!!!!!! :oops:
  15. BG - no, no, no!

    *Make a cup of coffee*

    *Realise that some fat hoofing munter is on Good Morning TV burbling on about some white trash oik who has got her step-daughter's guinea pig pregnant (see Trisha, Oprah etc)*

    *Spend all day on arrse*

    *Do feck all - weep a bit at the other fat hoofer kid on TV who is so fat she can't play on the swings*

    *Sit about some more*

    *Hear door open as breadwinner returns - suddenly jump up and leg it around looking busy*

    *Berate breadwinner for not caring/showing affection/calling earlier etc etc*

    *Don't cook*

    *Go to bed - don't put out*