Should Women be allowed to serve in The RAC?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by catherine_r, Mar 16, 2010.

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  1. Seeing as it's the 21st Century and women are being seen nowadays as more equal in society, should there still be women excluded from certain Regiments in The British Army?, in this instance the Royal Armoured Corps...

  2. When females start getting equal physical tests then you can bore everyone about them being excluded from certain parts of the army until then sod off with your "equal in society" crap.
  3. why not?
    i've seen 'em in the AA
    shouldn't this be in the naafi if you're just after an argument?
  4. I don't see why not, you have to prove that you are fit enough though....I reckon some female olympic athletes could do the job, so if you put the training in then the world is your oyster aint it....I bet all the female shot putters could!!! Stacker, a bit harsh, play a gentleman
  5. Have you been down on a bird when they're on? I have.......and it stinks. You wouldn't want that in your armr.
  6. no they shouldnt. simple as that.
  7. You fukcing liar!!! :p
  8. It's enough fun when they're in the fitter section of an Armoured unit. Having to paint the wagon pink was just out of order, there was so much rejoicing when she farked off and we could paint it back to a proper light blue.
  9. They already are, you stupid bint, in the Bands and the TA!

    That's you and you dull thread killed off!

    Now, you got any picies with you t!ts and clacker out...?
  10. Nope! not for you, you little scottish wizard!
  11. So you do have them, but you just won't share? You'd never survive in a decent cav regt or RTR with that attitude, though 3/4 Dancers might have you...
  12. AFAIK the real issue isn't fitness (that would be sexist just a bit!) but integration - where other countries have had men and women actually fighting together, there have been issues (IIRC mostly things like men stopping to help out damsels in distress if they get shot and then of course fecking things up for the whole unit)
  13. I can't share my bits with a man who goes by the name sticky toffee pudding :blowkiss:
    I went with a 9/12L I said on one of these threads...
    and yes I do have them, and they are very nice indeed thank you very much!
  14. Fitness is a big part of it, but then women only want the equal rights that gives them more money/promotion/opportunities they rarely want to do the extra work.
  15. That is so not true!