Should weekends and bank holidays come off your ALA?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by skintboymike, Oct 4, 2006.

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  1. Apologies to all if this has featured before. In our department the policy is that if you want to apply for leave, ten working days means ten consecutive days, weekends and bank holidays included. While the rest of the battalion enjoyed a 4 day long weekend for the German bank holiday this week, the chefs worked through it. As it happened we didn't get the bank holiday off in lieu either. If we question the CofC within the troop they put their backs up and start using their rank to make us back down. As we are chefs it has been mentioned that, because we work shifts, weekends count as normal working days. This is certainly not the norm in any other workplace I've ever been attached to. This current system means that out of the three main leave periods (Easter, Summer and Christmas) we either have to choose just two of them, or only have one week leave for each period. This also means that in order to scrape 8 days off in any normal month, we're better off not putting any leave in. Sorry for the long rant, your comments please.
  2. Check the ALM 2000 (Army Leave Manual) availiable in your RAO
  3. You sound rather knowledgeable, which is just as well because it's a bit late to go waking up my clerks. Does anything relevant to my question spring to mind from that particular publication? (I'll be researching ALM 2000 this week sometime, thanks.)
  4. Weekends are not included as part of your annual leave allowance.

    HOWEVER, if you are a shift worker and you can be spared or covered for the following shift, the following may apply in your unit.

    You do your shift of X amount of days on. You are then entitled to shiftworkers leave. (eg 4 on, 4 off). On completion of your 4 watchkeepers off, only then do you have to put in for leave to be taken off your allowance.

    It's confusing as I've seen every possible shift combination being worked and they're all a bit different.
  5. Vaigly, in that shift pattern workers (like Nurses, Comcen's etc) i.e 7 nights on 5 off etc come under different rules, im not sure on the ratio but I think this is down to Dept Heads/OC's, best to check the Regs.
  6. This month there are 9 days which fall on a weekend. If I were to put in a leave pass for ten working days (AD 5th til FP 16th) it would effectively lessen my monthly days off to 5 days, if you don't count the 10 days ALA. I would lose 4 days, and at the same time use my leave up more quickly. I appreciate that a bit of research will yield a few more answers, but it would be nice if someone here had an idea.
  7. If you are stood down after a particular shift pattern then none of this should be taken as ALA, if, however, you submitt a leave pass outside of your shift pattern, normal leave rules would apply i.e. 5 working days per 7 day week and Public Holidays Gratis.
  8. I should point out that I am a chef who works 8-5 Mon to Fri, as I am currently out of trade and awaiting transfer. This situation may not affect me for too much longer, but I'd like to think I can help to break this nasty example of mismanagement for some of the lads I'll be leaving behind.
  9. Just wait till JPA comes in. Weekends and Bank Holidays DO NOT now and in no way ever will form part of the ILA. So you put in leave Thu-Mon its 3 days ILA - end of. Doesnt matter what your local management think thats what happens.
  10. Army Leave Manual 2000 para 0202

    " Weekends on which the serviceperson is on stand-down are not to be deducted from ALA although the dates given for the total period of absence on the leave application will still need to include weekends"

    The ALA very obviously treats the working week as Mon-Fri. A quick scan shows nothing on shift patterns, tho I may be wrong. Bottom line - your CoC appear to be wrong in including weekends in your ALA and for those working weekends the shift pattern should compensate elsewhere. ALM 2000 also refers to 30 working days ALA or 6 weeks - again obviously on the basis of a 5 day working week.
  11. Trossachs, Agreed as per my last, sounds like a con to me, ALM states any period over 48 hours should be covered by a leave pass, this does not mean leave should be deducted from Annual Leave, your just informing the C of C where you are and what type of leave you are on, and, of course, if you live in, to generate a food refund. Days off after a shift pattert should not be taken as Annual Leave, these are days off after time worked not Annual Leave, 30 days per year.
  12. Spoke to my docs clerk today, who confirmed everything said on here so far. I also had a chat with the lads at work, telling them to let me know when this happens to them next, and when it does, to give me a copy of their signed leave pass as evidence. (Confidence amongst the lads is starting to grow now that someone is fighting their corner).
    Not only will our workplace be better off when this situation is rectified, I will also ensure that the perpetrators in question are in for a severe head bashing from further up the chain. Needless to say, I didn't want to do anything without arming myself with a few facts.
    Cheers to all for the replies, I don't know how I'd manage in life without GoogleARRSE to hold my hand along the way......