Should we withdraw from Afghanistan?

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by Downliners, Oct 7, 2010.

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  1. Downliners

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  2. After watching Secret Iraq it doesn't matter what the generals want the politicians dicate what happens even if the general consesus is the opposite.
  3. To leave shows we are beaten, another failed attempt to subjugate the Afghans. I think we should stay, it provides a place for training, even though we are abysmally slow to learn and react to any new situations. We should use it as an excellent opportunity for live firing, use of all arms battle groups and intelligence gathering etc. Even though we are not doing as well as people would like or expect, the cutting edge of the army can only be honed by being in combat. What experience would we have if we were to withdraw ? oh I read it in a book.
  4. X59

    X59 LE

    Sounds good.

    Glad I'm not waving my kids off for **** all then.
  5. What we really need is a concerted effort by all nations. All the politicians say it's a war on terror, but seems to be fought like a policing operation.
  6. So what cost in 'blood and treasure' are you prepared to see the nation pay in order to hone the cutting edge? And what personal cost, in terms of repeated tours in this superior sandy SPTA, are you prepared to pay yourself?

  7. I support the troops, I do not support their reasons for being there. My oath was to Queen and Country. It said sod all about a PM brown nosing a chimp.

    I dont think the majority of Afghans want us there and I dont think they give a fig how many of our guys die trying to improve their lot. Lets go home .. so what if we lose a bit of face ??, I would rather that than another serviceman coming home in the back of a C-17 wearing a flag.
  8. Welcome to reality.
  9. We are off in 2015 anyway according to the Government. I think when we go should be dictated by what we hope to achieve in the next five years. If the general situation in 2015 is expected to be the same as now (highly likely) and all we have done is keep our casualties as low as we can, we may as well just leave now and save the money and our troops. I expect that in the eyes of the Muslim world whenever we go will be seen as a victory to them and loss of face for us, so again lose lose. I would not want to be about when we (coalition) do **** off, I suspect the rock sellers at stonings will become very rich.

    As a business venture we could start Gallows r us, for when the punishments just keep piling up.
  10. You're right Taffnp... what a shame WW2 didn't go on a little longer either, eh? Masses of training value in that. I'm sure the mothers of the soldiers lost would be consoled by the fact that the British Army was becoming even better.

    HERRICK is slowly making us better at fighting in.... Afghanistan. As it turned out, NI didn't prepare us marvellously for Iraq or Afghanistan. I doubt it would have added to the life expectancy of 1 ( Br ) Corps facing the Russians at the time either.

    Personally I'd rather train extremely hard & thoroughly at far less expense in money and lives than ops as part of an Army which, once it does get into a ruck, adapts super-fast after its first kicking at the hands of a new enemy. We used to be one, but we sure as **** haven't been one since 2003.

    This debate isn't one. We *are* withdrawing from Afghanistan - Cameron has announced it. ( And no, leaving some blokes in a Euro-Army form to train in Kabul doesn't count ) It just that we're not all piling on the plane to come home tomorrow. A lot of people would probably like to but I doubt that the RAF's air-bridge could get everyone home by 2014 anyway.

    Legging it quickly = very bad PR all round. Legging it slowly = equally bad PR stretched over a longer period. Domestic and international politics dicates that the latter is "least worst". In the meantime, a fair few soldiers will lose their legs, sight, fingers or lives. Which is pretty shit. But we knew that when we joined - you don't choose the wars you go to, otherwise I'd be fighting a modern-day Battle of Umboto Gorge in the South Pacific and be sent back to Headley Court for accumulating a heroic combination of veneral diseases.

  11. My bold. Bollox. If it truly is a war on terror, we might as well pack up and leave now. Without nuking the whole country, they'll never defeat the terrorists, and even if they did nuke the place, A-Q would just find somewhere else to go. Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Libya, pick one, any one. A war on terrorists is one we'll never win and IMHO as long as we are in a foreign country trying to enforce our way of doing things on a hostile poplace, all we are doing is help breed a new generation of people that hate us enough to die blowing us up.

    I'm with Hakagure on this one.
  12. Is that the reason that we're there? To impose our rule and make subservient the Afghan people. If it is then surely we are there for the wrong reason?
    However, to me, whatever the reason, I agree with Mr Shepherd, we are caught up in a bitter civil war (of NATO's making) and need to make hasty our retreat. We are serving no purpose by being there.
  13. so how an earth are we supposed to defend our state?
  14. We went into NI and tried to stamp out terrorism there, smaller country, closer to home, fewer targets. Didn't really defeat terrorism there, did we? Do you really believe 8+ years in Afghanistan has made our country any safer?

    But I think you've missed my point slightly. I was just disagreeing with the notion that we are in Afghanistan to fight terrorism; in my opinion, there's only one reason we are there and that's because someone somewhere is making shedfuls of money from it.

    Do not think for a moment though that because I say that, I have any less respect for the troops out there. They go where they are told to go and do the best job they can do. I'd just rather they were doing it for a worthwhile cause.

    Oh shit. I've used "that" word.
  15. Was it terrorism we were trying to stop in NI, I thought they said ****ing tourism, it's all making sense now.