Should we toast the happy couple...

Someone for every one...All the best.
I wish them all the best.

However from the story;
"a severe electrical accident destroyed his face and eyesight in 2008 as he was making repairs to a window"
Now I like a bit of diy,but how did this happen?
Not sure if I'd have the courage to go on after that so fair play to the guy and girl! Excellent thread title though, even if somewhat cuntish! :)
Kind of heartwarming that they have found happiness. Although I will admit to having a good chuckle at same time.

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If the chap is blind, perhaps a surgeon could stitch a piece of pork crackling on and say it was a face transplant?
She was texting whilst driving, he head butted a high voltage cable ................ I hope they never have any kids of their own.

Other than that I wish them a happy life together. :)

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