Should we stay or Should We Go - Afghanistan

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Hole19, Jun 2, 2008.

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  1. Very seldom are the thoughts and feelings of the tommy ever considered before being sent to one operational environment or another. Sometimes the reasons for being somewhere are quite clouded and may be based on intelligent lies and press hype. But what is the truth, what do we feel, can we stop terrorism by liberation of a country from tyrants, are we justified in what we are doing.

    For or againsts your opinions are most welcome and please take the time to vote in the poll.
  2. Where is the Poll ?
  3. I'm sure others with more time will elaborate, but the fact of the matter is that we don't make foreign policy. We execute it. The military is a tool of foreign policy which our elected leaders use to pursue policy objectives. If the public don't approve of these objectives, we have elections every 5 years for them to express discontent by removing the sitting government from power.

    Of course we all have opinions, and this is a heathly place to express them, but we are not elected officials. It is not up to us.
  4. A poll would be good............., my own thoughts are no..... for one reason we have no coherent or cohesive plan...., porous borders, foreign fighters, narcotics, corrupt national government, no national security apparatus, no functioning local government, no functioning justice etc and UN,EU,NATO all floundering about without any aims and objectives, having first hand experience of counter narcotics in the region it really is a cluster f...
  5. indeed, I have seen the Mission Statement of Her Majesty's armed Forces given as "To assist the government of the day in the execution of its policies" (my bold)
  6. And god knows what state afghanistan is in?????????
  7. :D