Should we send more food to Ethiopia

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by re-stilly, Oct 22, 2009.

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  1. Ethiopia are requesting urgent food aid as most of the population are starving to death Linky Thing. So should we send food that we have produced and need to feed ourselves to help them out or should we say sorry enough is enough get your selves in order.

    Or should we provide practical help rather than sending money that gets diverted to fund the "current" regimes latest military campaign/ new palace etc.
  2. Look at their fat little bellies, they need no more food ;)

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  3. Plenty of charity we could give at home. Can someone please remind me who gave us charity when we were starving?
  4. I'm against sending more help. We dug them out of a famine. We then sent stupidly huge amounts of support via Comic Relief. Every time they can't get on with their neighbours over some silly little thing they have a bloody stupid scrap and all the improvements get wiped out. Cue next famine.

    We did our bit. Time for their governments to do theirs.
  5. The whole of Africa needs sorting. Debate is rather pointless - those with the voices are the very ones who will set things up so they can get their rip-off.
    Only things is to reverse whatever was done to make these places independent. Bring back colonialism and do things the way we used to. Not just us - Germany, France, Belgium, Italy - all the old Masters. Involve honest locals more than we did. Teach them what running a country really means aside from political posturing that got them their 'freedom' Uhuru etc does not mean Free To Starve
  6. Charity begins at home. Plenty of food in the supermarkets here, sure Tescos would do them a good price for bulk
  7. Interesting question......right now, the only real practical short term help maybe to send food rather than some do-gooding type with a bag of seeds and a shovel, in my opinion sending money to regiemes like this is never the answer.

    However, in the not too distant future as the worlds population expands and global environmental conditions worsen, I think we will start to send less and less aid altogether.
  8. Let them eat AK47's

    They buy enough of them after all.
  9. Could always get that 70 stone chap to send his breakfast over
  10. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    This may have something to do with it.

    Population of Ethiopia:
    1984 Approx 42 million
    1990 Approx 52 million
    2006 Approx 77 million
    2050 Approx 169 million (Estimated, of course!)
    (Disclaimer: all figures taken after a few minutes on Google, so they may of course be crap.)

    It strikes me that a nations that cannot support 50 million people in a famine/drought situation is going to be hard pressed to support 77 million in a similar situation. Nature will take its course, mess about with it as we may.
  11. How do you stop the corruption that obviously permeates the whole of the African continent. I once read somewhere that one of the problems is that when the Europeans carved up Africa they did so using geographical rather than Tribal boundaries, this since the independence of those countries has reverted them going back to being tribal nations, so one half of the country totally despises/distrusts the other.
  12. This isn't the Naffi Bar.
  13. I'll swap them a Large Big Mac Meal for an AK47 & 10,000 rounds of ammunition.
    I'm ready to pop it in the post now.
    They may get it in time for Xmas.
  14. Fair point, but why are so many Governments in Africa riddled by corruption?? As this really is the crux of why the aid programmes do not work and why after decades of pumping trillions of dollars into Africa the continent is no further forward and in some cases such as Zimbabwe have actually gone backwards.
  15. the fact that ribes still exsist is one of the factors .
    the US and russia taking over where the colonisers left off.
    most of the corupt ******* got cash from the west BAE tanzania anyone :twisted: