Should We send easter eggs to those deployed ?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by THE_EDITOR, Oct 19, 2006.

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  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh

  1. Question ?
  2. Is that in the delayed Xmas boxes or a separate issue!?
  3. i think we should deploy an easter egg and then send the editor out to it :)
  4. As long as they're not rum flavoured or contain pork fat...

    Wouldn't want to upset the locals eh? 8O
  5. If you do you'll probably cause another endless round of teeth gnashing from the "Isupportmybrothermuslimagainsttheevilimperialsistwestandthevilestinkingpigdograpidnonmuslimkaffirs' brigade, who seem to dominate our press at the moment - easter is a kaffir celebration, therefore it belongs in the pit of eternal damnation (who cares that I insult the heathen - on the other hand, dare they insult our precious banality!!)

    On the other hand, feck it; do it and make sure that they are wrapped around a bottle of glenfiddich for each chap/ess out ther - they certainly deserve it.
  6. ... and while we are about it, let's take the payment for it from the cabinets' combined salaries.
  7. Surely they would have to travel over there in Armoured Boxes and we all know that we haven't got any yet!
  8. Now that is progressive thing ED.

    The boxes will have to have be some form of cooler built in.....
  9. why - this thread is as useful as a chocolate breast plate :)
  10. oh dear...the Gin effect....

    Will we have to grade the size of eggs according to rank??
  11. Hic

    LCpls - poor smashed broken bits of mini eggs

    Maj Gens - Super top range thorntons ones designed to ensure the senders career is developed through being inserted in the right areas.

    All points in between......................
  12. This could get silly, but yes sounds like a plan.

    In the interests of OPSEC, PERSEC and Psy Ops, shouldn't we reverse the size table? ie. LCpl snooks gets the BIG ONE and Maj Gen Thingy gets the broken Mini Eggs. The enemy snipers will obviously associate the BIG ONE with importance etc etc..see where I'm going with this??

    It also means the hard working juniors are actually rewarded for a change.

  13. NO
  14. Its a bit early aint it?
  15. i really don't get your logic. this plan means that juniors will get mistaken for Generals, and shot by snipers.

    how, exactly, is this a reward?!??!? :)