Should we send Christmas Boxes to non Corps SO2 G2s?

Should we send Christmas Boxes to non Corps SO2 G2`s?

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  • Not another Christmas Box Thread aaaaagh !!!

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elovabloke said:
Do any of you lot actually work for a living :eek:

Scorptin said:
CRmeansCeilingReached said:
don't encourage him, i have enough trouble getting work and brews out of him as it is.
I wish my guys (particularly my Boss) made me brews and did any work!

Work = 4 letter word
Brew = 4 letter word often disguised by adding letter s - doesnt work
Scor = mines tea white none - look forward to is ASP :)
By the time it gets to your loc it may be a little cold, get CR on the case, thats all he is any good for!

Anyway I'm too busy filling in manning returns!
Too busy ???

Sentence me to a CR brew ????

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh - I thought this was a humane forum .........
CRmeansCeilingReached said:
like that is ever gonna happen. have a brew on my desk in ten minutes or you're on cambrian patrol this weekend :)
I have heard that the Cambrian Patrol are still looking for willing volunteers. Want me to pass your name to the RSM???
Well if that is the case then you will find the Team in the nearst pub from the start line, for the rest of that week!

Anyway I think that a HUMINTER should be IC Team, Cos they are soooo good!

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