Should we send BBQs to those deployed?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by g2_loony_bin, Apr 10, 2007.

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  1. As we approach summer and the days become warmer... with the nights slightly warmer... ahem... I am posing the question to the Int Corps forum (because it seems to be the place for this sort of question) should we send barbeques to those deployed on operations or not?

    If so, what sort? The big gas powered ones or the charcoal trays?
  2. If I remember my TELIC Tour BBQs were in plentiful supply! However, what was needed was a supply of busty blonde babes in skimpy bikinis to keep morale up!
  3. G2, for Christsakes man! Outside eyes often pry in here and they might get the idea that the Int Corps is akin to the RAF - cocktail parties by the pool and sluts dripping off the arms (male/female variety).
  4. Isn't it? You couldn't move for "cocktail parties by the pool and sluts dripping off the arms (male/female variety)" on TELIC V!
  5. The Italians have flown a pizza oven into the 'Stan and the Dutch have a 15ft tall wooden model of a windmill at ISAF HQ.

    The Canadians have a weekly BBQ, God bless 'em.

    No booze, though.
  6. I think its a good idea.

    The LEC's could provide the naan breads for making kebabs, it'd be mega.
  7. Ahhhhh........those Dutch guys really know how to spice things up and enjoy themselves!
  8. Wench, are you not a busty blonde?
  9. Handsome thing it is too. When I first saw it I assumed there was a listening device inside.

    Any potential tourists should turn up at ISAF headquarters in Kabul, ask for Mark Laity, get him to guide you to the garden outside the main mess and you'll find it in the corner on your right.

    It's made of wood, so it would burn a treat.
  10. He is, I've had her!
  11. Dirty, dirty bastards!
  12. Do you love me? I'm Old Gregg! Why you playing these love games with me? I just need to know because I need to have your love!
  13. Stop it G2!! Granted you're a good kisser but soooo awful in bed. I just can't get over those red spots!!

  14. I think you should only send the BBQ's with a consignment of ducks. And onions.
  15. Have yours cleared up yet? :twisted: