Should we send aid to India?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by angular, Dec 5, 2008.

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  1. I have been discussing this with a couple of friends lately. I refuse to donate to any charity that gives money to India, which is rich enough to have its own space programme and nuclear weapons. Now I find that we're giving them £825M over the next three years. :x

    Presumably we have no use for that money here in the UK. Is there any sensible reason why we should be doing this?

    Should we help poor people in India, if their own government can't be bothered?

    Should we pay into their coffers as a way of saying 'sorry' for 150 years of Empire?
  2. fcuk 'em
  3. I will only give cash to british military charitys RNLI, RSPCA the rest can get stuffed, I was in BANGLERDESH and saw Oxfam ,Int Red Cross at their best, and what a waste of space their were,
  4. Why? As has been mentioned this is a country wealthy enough to develop their own nuclear weapons programme. The Times ran an article on Wednesday on how their police and security forces were woefully underequipped. One of their senior officers was quoted as saying how the issue was not lack of funding, rather that paybacks and corruption meant the funds did not filter down to the guys on the ground. As an example, if this is indeed the case how much of 800 odd million of our taxpayers cash going to line somebody's back pocket in India?
  5. No ! They are wealthier than we are ! End of discussion !
  6. Grownup_Rafbrat

    Grownup_Rafbrat LE Book Reviewer Good Egg (charities)

    I quite agree. No more regular aid to India, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, or any of those other countries that 'threw off the colonialist yoke', but still come whining to us for handouts. It is particularly annoying when they spend the money on space travel, nuclear weapons, and feathering the nests of corrupt officials. Ethopia now has, thanks to 'aid', an even bigger unsustainable population than twenty years ago, and seemingly no hope of ever creating a stable country for them to live in.

    And as for agreeing aid packages to China - what the Sam Hill is that all about? We've given them our industries, our jobs and our trade. Surely that's enough.

    On the other hand, if there's a disaster like an earthquake, tsunami, floods, etc., which would overwhelm any country, I think we should provide a temporary helping hand. And in the case of Bangladesh, we could set up a standing order to help with the regular floods because they're partially down to clearing land to provide cheap food for us.
  7. The chief of the Mogadishou police lives in Notting Hill, paid for by British tax , says he has his finger on the pulse of whats going on , long finger. The government does not have a clue where the money goes, nor does it care, just as long as they look good on parliment TV
  8. It was nice in a nostalgic sort of way to see piccies of their crack counter-terrorism teams armed with SLRs and SMGs.

    Hope we sold them to them.

    As to the aid package - it is all so Gordon can grandstand round the world showing how much he cares!!

  9. Seconded ! Except for the colonial bit, that's no longer relevant.
  10. All foreign aid should be stopped. Today.
    This country is in the financial mire, most people in it are tightening their belts, why the fcuk are we shelling out billions to foreigners while our own economy gets flushed down the pot?
  11. No fecking aid to anywhere except this country and that include JK Rowling with her new book whose profits go to eastern europe! Cow! Whats wrong with this country - the most fecked up in europe?

    on top of the money, we're sending them our jobs as well! My office just sent another 100 jobs (offshored) to Mumbai and made 100 people in this country redundant. While I regret innocent people getting killed, the thought of senior execs filling their pants at the thought of having sent a key part of our business into a major terrorist target (with no DR if it all goes tits up) made me smile. Cnuts the lot of them.
  12. What people do with their own money is up to them. The government has no business giving away tax payers money to foreign powers though. Cash aid should be stopped not just to India, but everyone.

    I have no problem with emergency aid in the form of supplying experts, volounteers, equipment etc it is just money that I object to. I doubt very much of it gets to help the intended recipients and could prop up corrupt/incompetent regimes.
  13. Indeed.

    I am surprised to see such a 'prudent finacial manager' being so free with his money.

    Oh I's actually our money isnt it.

    Then again 800 million odd pales into insignificance compared to his sterling efforts,on our behalf,in Africa.

    Cheers cyclops,perhaps you should introduce a Africa tax while you are at it?
  14. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    I agree with making contributions to nations that require help.

    I cannot see how India now qualifies for aid. From a McKinsey report link here for the whole doc.

    As stated above, any nation with a nuclear and space programme should not require help. If they have money enough to spend on that then they have money enough to fix their own internal problems
  15. Thankyou Bliar and Cyclops !

    Shouldn't we be asking them for aid ?

    Cnuts !