Should we seek Chinas help in Afghanistan?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Sep 19, 2006.

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  1. Wonder how many troops China can let us have for an Afghan mission?
  2. Well as China actually has a border with Afghanistan, they may be prepared to commit a small contingent. Say 250,000 or so.
  3. Oh, they may only be prepared to mobilise a 20th of their Army for it? Not really showing committment there at all - Chow Mein eating surrender monkeys.

    All joking aside (no insult intended PRCPLA) , China also has a problem with opium , though they seem to have kept militant Islam in check for the time being.

    Or do we have to bomb their embassy first to get them to talk to us?

    Actually , and maybe AJ being a 'China Hand' can help me out with this... Haven't China and Pakistan recently signed some high level strategic co-operation treaty? Could we use China, to leverage Pakistan as regards the Taliban? Not that I'm saying Pakistan has any influence on the Taliban of course :x If Chinese troops were committed to some of the areas we really have dramas in , could we not then return to what the mission was supposed to be about in the first place?

    Ahhhhhhh found it

    So China offer 200K troops to sort Helmland and Khandahar , while we go back to getting the hearts and minds op sorted out. China is offered something they really want (G8 membership?) at a date to be decided , when they have withdrawn the last of their troops from a subdued and cowed (and possibly wasted) Helmland and Khandahar?

    Well could it work?
  4. NoWah...

    Doesn't China already have a seat on the UNSC...?
  5. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh. Had the UNSC page open and was reading through that as I was typing. Mental cut and paste. Arrrrrrrgh :oops:

    Sorry - G8
  6. Offering them 'most favoured trading nation' status with the US and some sort of input into World Bank decision making might help, but I can't see the US going for it.

    Anyhoo, imagine the revolt when people realise we're on side with the rapists of Tibet just to get us out of a hole, and then have to reciprocate....
  7. I wonder how big the Chinese market for medical opiates is?

    China opens a poppy processing plant in Afghanistan to produce medical opiates at a fraction of the price. China protects it's investment with the aforementioned 200K happy children of the revolution.

    Ok, slight tangent but you see what I'm getting at here. Time to start thinking outside the box.

    Chinese Manpower and ingenuity , British guidance and know-how.

    Well it worked in Hong Kong, and that was born of a similar operation...
  8. Please dont, It's a nice listed building in Portland Place!.
  9. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Ouch. I thought you said all joking know the history of how the Chinese got hooked on Opium? I seem to recall we got them hooked on it so they would trade tea, which they were reluctant to trade till they were hooked on smack, but I might be wrong....

    ...maybe we should check that they've forgotten before the UK asks for help...
  10. There were two major reasons why the Tibetans never mounted a counter insurgency against the Chinese.

    1) The Dalai Lama requested that the Tibetan population pursue nonviolent methods to liberate themselves.

    2) The ChiComs jailed/shot anyone who even looked at them funny.

    If we allow the Chinese in on this op, I'm not convinced that they'll provide the sort of counter insurgency soldiers/soldiering needed to win. 200,000 blokes or 200,000 targets?

    I would also feel very uneasy cooperating with such a disgusting government on any level.

    Edited for clarification
  11. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

  12. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    As a tidy tie up of two posters, I actually delivered an 85th Birthday card to the embassy on the day that they opened the Tibet railway....
  13. I couldn’t agree more.

    The People’s Republic of China is one of the most repressive dictatorships on this planet. Not only do they occupy Tibet, trying to wipe out the Tibetan’s culture by vicious repression of any dissent, severe restrictions on their religion, flooding the place with Han Chinese immigrants and making the Tibetans second class citizens in their own country, they are also doing the same thing in Inner Mongolia and East Turkestan. In China itself they pursue similar repressive policies against their own people.

    Why would anyone want the help of a regime like that to spread “freedom and democracy”, concepts which are entirely alien to the Chinese government?
  14. Because to spread freedom and democracy , we are going to have to have to forcefully suppress those that would wish to return Afghanistan to the Middle Ages.

    The Chinese have form for it, and a treaty with Pakistan that may also allow hot pursuit. Dangle the carrot of G8 or other delights and see what happens. Anyone who thinks the Taliban can be defeated with anything less than draconian measures in the first phase is fooling themselves.

    I find some aspects of the American Government's current policy disgusting, but we still work with them to hopefully achieve a greater good
  15. Shame we didn't leave the Soviet Union to it, then.

    If we need the help of the PRC to "spread freedom and democracy" the mission has failed. With thier involvement there would be no freedom and no democracy.