Should we scrap this law

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tuffy52, May 16, 2012.

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  1. Yes, Yes and again very Yes, a stupid law brought in by very stupid people.
  2. It was very strange listening to Mr Peter Tatchell on Radio 4 this morning as he explained why the law should be changed. He wasn't very convincing!

  3. sticks and stones may break my bones, but names are cause for massive litigation? is that how it went?
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  4. article-2145009-131BA4C2000005DC-311_634x574.jpg
    Nicked from daily mail.
  5. They should scrap the law that outlaws chav hunting!
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  6. The UK "doshocracy", like any other undemocratic, oligarchic system, thinks that all it has to do is introduce a law banning this, that or the other and the problem's solved. A very good example being the gun ban introduced by the last useless gobment. The method's never worked in the history of mankind, so why they think it'll work for them is beyond me.

  7. The purpose of this law was for it to be a "catch all" that could potentially cover absolutely anything a police officer might take a disliking to.

    It's a remnant of the Thatcher era and unsurprisingly Blair didn't get rid of it.

  8. At least the haven't reached the levels of Commie thought control yet eh Bugsy.
  9. Radio 2 sort of debating this at the moment (badly debating it if I'm honest).
  10. I actually wonder just how much you know about "Commie thought-control", apart from what you've heard. But apart from your ignorance on that subject, how long will it be before some Plod somewhere arrests a bod and says: "S/he looked as if s/he was about to call me a prize prat". How can you defend yourself against an accusation like that? Especially when it comes from the Old Bill. An earlier poster was right: it's a catch-all for when the Old Bill don't like the look of you but can't find anything plausible to nick you for.


  11. Oh Yeah! dont be to sure about that one matey, now that you,ve just mentioned it, some clever git will now start R&D on it.
  12. Communist states never controlled the thoughts of their luckless subjects; they just made the people too scared to express them. Soap operas, overpaid mongs kicking balls, and Britain's Got Apprentice X-Dancing on Fame seem to be keeping the masses nice and compliant over here, though.
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  13. That and a ludicrous welfare system, Hmm..."bread & circuses" Bread and circuses - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia the Romans have a lot to answer for!!
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