Should we punch Mugabe?

How long can we stand back and let President Mugabe terrorise Zimbabwe? He has been in power for 25 years and has trained his youth in a Hitler style camp regime involving beatings, torture rape and murder. Elections are rigged and camps are set up next to polling stations to stop opposition voters. If this is not an evil regime I don't know what is. Is it just me or is the US/UK turning a blind eye to this? :oops:
Punch him? We should bloody well string him up.

Trouble is, it's all frightfully imperialistic in this day and age to interfere in independent nations' affairs. Oh. Hang on. Bosnia, Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Iraq (Sudan?)....

Plus the South African government likes Zimbabwe - a government which basks in the reflected glory of Nelson Mandela and can do no wrong.
You need to ask this on Arrse? 8O
Hey ducking and the Liberal Democratic approach to this particular former colonial state and currently disenfranchised member of the Commonwealth would be??? :? :roll: :wink:
A sensitive approach, with due respect for the indigenous peoples

So a clinical airstrike when we know he's on the toilet, followed by an invasion, in concert with other Commonwealth Forces and the holding of legitimate free and fair elections soon afterwards , including the return of land stolen from Black and White farmers, and the encouragement of investment from UK companies back into the bread basket of Africa.

NB. The views of PTP are not necessairily the views of the Party at large.

(But they may be bloody close) :D
Still nothing happening............c'mon your a Political Party with ........radical ideas ..............designed to shake us from our political carthasism......your young Liberal Fresh........................actually no your not! :( Your tired, jaded, and nothing more than an acceptable protest vote for disenfranchised Labour supporters. Yeah, yaeh the Conservatives............will I believe vote next time round!! If not them UKIP or an independant.
Check your PM's :D
Checked and read.........Nothing of any importance or fact; nothing of any worth at policy...........just, more fudge and platitudes! Wate of time really...........whens the election....find some principles and stick to them soon....oh and make sure they are a general consencus of opinion....... :D
Letterwritingman said:
We digress however...............why should we consider Sudan and NOT Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) as benefactors of our benevolent Imperial responsability? :D :D
Zimbabwe will be subjected to "benevolent imperial" attentions around the time the last white farmer is murdered in his bed and the last black peasant non-member of the ruling elite has starved to death.

Somebody, after all, has to look after that chromium, vanadium, nickel, platinum, and palladium.
As long as you have the Glorious Leader at the healm, then we will continue to do nothing but bleat helplessly whilst sitting around wringing our hands and the left wingers will still try to appease Mugabe for the sins of our fathers.

Mugabe was viewed in the same light as Mandela was/is by the Labour party and now this is how he has turned out. So whilst the Glorious Leader still sits on his throne, then we will continue to watch Zimbabwe go down the pan. :evil:

Oh, unless old Georgy decides otherwise :twisted:
We will not go into Zimbabwe until Mugabe dies and civil war breaks out causing vast amounts of natural fertiliser to be spread across Africa as a whole.

Even then we won't go in unless invited as part of an EC/UN humanitarian action with strict limits on actions. After all Africa is able to look after itself without white imperialism breaking out again, isn't it?
Cant a lone sniper and a few pusser bag rats go out on a "training excercise" with some "drill rounds" and practice shooting mugabe through the head. of course if the QM accidently issused live rounds instead, cant be the goverments fault can it?

It is sickening though how we are just sitting here allowing it to happen, tell you what though...i bet if one of them farmers struck oil we would be there quick as a flash? allegidly of course.

Rincewind said:
...i bet if one of them farmers struck oil we would be there quick as a flash? allegidly of course.

Hit the nail on the heed, dude. No oil. No strategic value to the Americans. No action.

Ubique ya bass !!!
Unfortunatly Zim is to far from the sea and surrounded by friendly countries who are not going to buy into OP SELOUS STORM.

Same factors that saved her in the early days of UDI are killing her now.


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