My reason for this is i currently serve in germany. I have been sent to bosnia,kosovo and iraq in the last 2 years, which im grateful of however im never in the country im paying taxes for. :!:
That would be a nice benefit for soldier's deployed abroad for 6 months and longer. The US already afford this to our personnel assigned to Iraq and Afghanistan. Even re-enlistment bonus' are tax free as long as you re-enlist in theater.
It would be nice but not as easy to gain as the U.S get it. I work at a multi national unit at the Moment and on missions everyone else gets messed around when were on Operations because the Yanks are normally the Det commanders and Organise a flight nearly a week later than we could get one home just so that they can get that one day in theatre on the 1st day of the following month to get another month Tax free. :evil: (Buggers). And another good one is, The American senior officers "Visiting" for a day funny how often they do it They must really care for there soldiers. :roll:
In defence of the SPECTICs, my wife (a spectic) has just rcieved her tax papers for 2004. it came with a special notice about extended timelines for US servicemen to submit their tax return if deployed on Ops.

How nice, shame the IR can't do something similar.


Not at all on ops so apologies but when I was serving in FRG at one point, we were paying rates AND poll tax - Maggie gave us a rise and the cnuts took it in food and accommodation.
Zofo said:
Not at all on ops so apologies but when I was serving in FRG at one point, we were paying rates AND poll tax - Maggie gave us a rise and the cnuts took it in food and accommodation.
I went to BH in the early 90s from Berlin. Came back and there was a letter from the MoD asking for the sum of about £500. It transpired that I was being paid too much LOA (I think) while the frau was in Berlin and I was in BH, freezing my nads off and getting pished on Slivo. I was, needless to say hugely impressed by this symbolic piece of grattitude for my service to the UN and instantly paid in one lump sum, grateful that she and I could no longer afford the post deployment holiday that we had planned.

The best of it all was that my fellow UN employees all received UN pay. I know that we receive 12.5% X factor every day. Thank God we do otherwise even the Brigade Commander would be hovering on the poverty line in this country of taxation, bureaucracy and little tangible return for our dosh (or is it Gordon's?)

Some would say that I should have checked my pay statements; they would be correct; a few points on that though: 1. Nobody ever bothered to brief me on alllowances etc, despite asking the questions. 2. the Frau was issued the pay slips - she, definately, was never briefed. 3. I should have checked them on my R&R - right, but there were other pressing engagemes for that five day period!!

Oh, and another gem which made our day. A year or so later, there I was commuting on a weekly basis and being charged CILOCT. On studying the council tax bill at home, I discover that we are paying the full whack there. So there I was, paying the full whack for the benefits of both locations and getting virtually none of the benefits at either end. Joy of joys - so I wrote to my local politician (one Michael Ancram esq - great bloke he is) and recieved a prompt reply about a month later, which told me in polite terms to get back in my box and continue spanking my monkey. What a warm and rosy feeling I got to know that our illustrious leaders cared so much.

Love it all, taxation, expensive standard of living and being seen off! Can't get enough of it.

Feck it all - I'm emmigrating to Chad.
No, we are not resident in the UK and so should be treated like any other UK citizen.

Quite simple really
Absolutely not.

we ran this subject before, and as i have just returned from a tax haven as a civy, i fail to see why "our lads" as the Rev'd Tony likes to call them, shoudl have to pay tax when they are earning their income off-shore!

yanks don't, neither do the aussies or canucks.

mind you the miserable son of a fife preacher would spitting with rage if someone tried to take "his taxes" away
My brother explained this (He is an Accountant) if you have a permanant residence i.e you own property and or have family roots elsewhere in the world you could argue that you are Domicled overseas and have a different Tax Regime.

However, you would have to pay Tax in the country of domicle. To the best of my knowledge Taxes are higher in Germany that they are in the UK which make the move a waste of time.

If any of the grown ups 2*+ or anyone who earns similar amounts to them and want tax avoidance advice PM me and I will fwd your details to my brother. Health warning, he charges a lot, yet only submits his own Tax Return on the last day and is crap at helping plebs like me complete my tax return.

****ing waster.
As a now Civvie, no you should not pay tax when on any posting away from the UK. OR on Operation Postings within the UK (NI).

You should also get reduced Council Tax while in the UK.

Another thing that should happen is that for all married forces, your family based with you, be that UK or away, should get free Dentist on Camp.

There should only have to be 1 TV Licence for the Camp, ADSL should be provided FOC (If possible).

What else would I do, well I would make sure you all got an allowance of X amount to pay for your own equipment, on top of the items you get issued.

All suppliers of all equipment / clothing for our Armed Forces would HAVE to be UK Companies - or in the case of weapons, UK Companies that had a licence to produce that weapon in the UK. - This would bring jobs / money to civie street - and make civvies like the forces more.

Now when im PM things will change.........
No - No - FCUKING - NO

D'you hear there Mr Brown? Anyone going on genuine ops for 3 months or more should pay NO tax for that year . Easy to administer, cost peanuts and reap much kudos for your useless excuse for a government.

No chance of that happening then.
Well I reckon we should still pay tax. I've spent a lot of my career away from UK, but it is the nation we serve. When on Ops or in Germany we're well looked after with LOA, Tax-Free Cars, Tax-Free shopping and cheap beer in the NAAFI.

We all go back to UK at some point and benefit from the thing Taxes pay for - Police, Customs, Hospitals, Street sweepers etc.

I say stop being greedy buggers and give your money nicely. Your Taxes help to sustain Great Britain. If you don't like how the money is spent, then vote some other bugger in.

By the way, I am not a Tory voting fascist, or a pinko lefty, I'm 'middle of the road' :)
It would be nice not to pay taxes on ops.

After all, we seem to matter so little to the Government that no-one would miss us anyway...yeah right! :)
I would love not to pay tax on ops but;

Anyone remember the blokes on GW1 getting poll tax final demands in theatre?

Seriously, dream on if you think any government would let us have tax free wages. Never going to happen, they would not be able to afford it, not unless we shut down more hospitals, firestations, merge the police...oh hang on. :roll:
Corporal said:
When I had my gallbladder removed, they charged me 8.5% tax! B*stards!
What are they going to do with 8½% of your gall bladder then?
No, not at all, we are using none of the services that you pay tax or national insurance for while you are out there for 6 months.

And taxes pay our wages, so you pay a certain percentage of your own wage for the priviledge of being out there if you think about it

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