Should we need alcohol licenses?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, May 31, 2005.

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  1. A look around the debris of our urban sprawl is telling. Where there has been trouble, there is broken glass from beer bottles or tonic wine bottles. Empty lager cans roll around the pavements of our blighted towns.

    Licensed premises are supposed to control the alcohol served to their customers. Isn't it time that off-licenses do the same?

    The drinks industry could be required to run a license scheme. If you want a carry-out, you can get it only by displaying a license. The license will be issued by the town hall and paid for by a levy on the drinks industry.

    Any bad behaviour - even a caution - and the license is withdrawn for a month.

    Good idea or barking mad?
  2. In principle it sounds good but watch Liberty shout about more control from central government, human rights etc.

    Also how do you ensure said scrot is who he/she is? It will be open to abuse so may be useless.....unless its tied to ID cards etc :?
  3. If you assume that the adult citizenry is too child-like and irresponsible to be trusted to buy alcoholic beverages without government supervision you are implicitly assuming that the citizenry is too child-like and irresponsible to be capable of self-government.

    The latter assumption seems to be widely shared among the UK powers that be. In fact, they scarcely bother to hide it these days.
  4. Hmmmm I know where you are coming from and agree in principal but the taxation on alcohol is already massive. Some of the taxation raised should be directly ploughed back in to clean up schemes.

    Personally being a dog owner whenever I see broken or unbroken glass on my normal dog walk I pick it up.

    This is a direct result of a friend of mines dog cutting its arteries and tendons on broken glass. Good job he was on the ball with his first aid or the dog would have bled to death!!

  5. Sorry, should let more bingers drink themselves to death. Natural selection methinks.
  6. Try looking above the door of any Offie or indeed supermarket. Licensed to sell etc.

    If the powers that be really wanted to clamp down on underage drinking they could do so 4, simply by refusing to issue licenses to anyone caught serving to underage drinkers.
  7. The Breweries lobby is a fearsome one and it's them (and, sadly the Government) you're up against when trying to promote a more rational and responsible way of controlling their sales.

    They'll fight tooth and nail to keep the present system or modify it in their favour. They've had plenty of successes in the past, such as 'Alcopops' - loopy juice which we can readily see the effects of on the unwary or the so-called binge drinker. Bliar and his henchmen were heavily leaned on to allow these concoctions on to the market. Who knows? Perhaps money was paid to Labour for favours, Bernie Ecclestone style. And it doesn't matter how much The Daily Mail screams blue murder - they're up against big business, who have to make a profit for their shareholders.
  8. The Drinks Industry has - perhaps belatedly - started self-regulation. The Portman Group, quite frequently, blocks products coming onto the market if they have been specifically marketed at youngsters or have sexual connections (hence changes in the adverts for Rum starring Vinnie Jones).

    The Police are also beginning to use powers they have always had to bring charges of under-age selling in Licensed premises. It has always been an offence to sell to a drunk (or the companion of a drunken person for the drunk's consumption) but I don't think there is a pub on the planet that doesn't break that law every night.

    You hit the mark when you mentioned off licenses - the worst behaviour is generally by people who got tanked up before they came to the pub. Publicans will get into trouble if the police keep getting called out to their premises - but the police don't get called out to the off licence who sold the 30 units of alcohol the lunatic drank before he got to the pub.
  9. Come on guys, do we really want the govt )be it nu labour or anyone else) banning us from drinking when and where we choose?

    How about just making the bars and offies (and brewers) responsible for the profits they make from the sale of alcohol. (like tobbaco taxes) If any of them are shown to be abusing their position, they should be heavily fined/

    Of course, with that comes responsibility of the individual, and should someone commit a crime whilst under the influence, the judiciary should throw the book at them. Make it socially unnaceptable to commit these crimes. This would be a personal control mechanism (a disincentive to misbehave), rather than a swinging infringments on peoples liberties.

    A_S steps off soap box :D
  10. My own experience of these types of problem is this:

    1. The laws we have to deal with all of these issues are adequate.

    2. they aren't properly enforced for a variety of reasons.

    3. The sanctions against law-breakers (from littering, under-age drinking, abuse of alcohol licences, anti-social behaviour etc.) are all formed from a dripping-wet liberal viewpoint that is implicitly against punishment.

    4. Enforcing existing law effectively and punishing the wrong-doer appropriately would lead to no need for yet more Nu-Lab legislation of questionable effectiveness. In fact, some of it (asbos and so on) could actually be gotten rid of, saving the public more moeny and reducing the amount of non-jobs in town halls.

    5. I didn't vote for them.