Should we just nuke the place and be done with it?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ord_Sgt, Mar 23, 2007.

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  1. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Africa I mean. There appears to be nothing going for it. Billions in aid have been pumped into the continent and it seems to be going backwards. Just a quick look on the BBC's Africa news page and its death, destruction and suffering.

    Obsanjano corruption.

    Slavery in Darfur.

    DRC busy killing each other.

    I could go on endlessly but just take a look here for yourself.

    So whats to be done? Continue flushing money down the endless toilet to enrich despots? Let them just get on with it until they grow up or kill each other off? Or just nuke the place and put them out of their misery? Could at least make some use for those Trident boats.
  2. Africa is an emotive subject. What would you do with the Continent of Africa? Its always been the same since the 60s with the withdrawal of European influence and giving the countries there independance, the people have fought ruthlessly for power, Why do we give endless amounts of money and aid? Do you feel as though we should spend that money on our own infrastructure which as we all know is on its knees!
    I have served in Africa (Angola) as part of the U.N in 1995 and i can tell you that country was f ucking awful, i also had many mates in Rwanda just after the atrocities carried out there. Personally i would rather spend the money in sorting out our own infrastructure, the NHS, Dentists ,elderly and the social problems which are plaguing the streets of our country.
  3. Oh NOT Birkenhead then..... I'll not comment then
  4. Just leave it the Chinese, they are buying it all anyway.
  5. Unfortunately for the people of Africa, they seem to be stuck between the devil of corrupt regimes and the deep blue sea of western hand wringing.

    The African Union (Like the UN) is a pretty ineffective organisation when it comes to dealing with troublesome issues such as Darfur, child soldiers, blood diamonds etc. Some of this innefectiveness some of this can be put down to pure economics. many African countries just cannot afford to intervene.

    Some of it is down to lack of political will on our own part.

    Many western countries fear intervention because of the "Colonialist" history and while we fiddle Africa burns.

    The question is where do we start? How do we even begin to solve the problems of this troubled continent?

    We should be doing something to stop the slavery and misery that is happening now in Africa, not apologising for what happened 200 years ago. Similarily why aren't the campaigners doing more themselves?

    Injustice now is far more important than past injustice after all.
  6. Well if they keep at it the way they are going it will be pretty empty soon anyway.

    All it needs now is a good dose of bird flu and the problem will be removed by about 2015. :skull: :twisted:
  7. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Why is AIDS such a problem in Africa? We’ve known how AIDS is spread for some years now and you would think after all this time most people would be having protected sex and especially if the rate of infection in your society was so high. I mean Africans are no less intelligent than anyone else after all so why are they not protecting themselves? Damn I wouldn’t dream of having unprotected sex these days with a new partner. I appreciate some people are still going to do it but so many! Is it a lack of education and information or simply the availability of condoms? Is AIDS so rampant in other third world populations, India for example? Is this natures way of witling down the world population, survival of the fittest and all that?
  8. Well considering that in many african countries "witch doctors" teach that deflowing a virgin gets rid of HIV and also the high mortality rate means the following.

    Blokes shag/rape anything

    HIV spreads

    loads of kids with no-one to look after them.

    etc etc etc
  9. A South African I know told me that they hand out condoms in RSA. One bloke was handed ten condoms - I sh1t you not - stapled together in a bundle!

    The problem is a mixture of lack of education, money and deep cultural divides. Is it solvable - probably not.
  10. Aids is a real problem amongst prostitutes in Kenya.. they keep catching it from British troops!
  11. Perhaps it's divine retribution for their ancestors selling their fellow men as slaves.
  12. Religion and attitude also play a large part. Women are in a far poorer position to do anything about a husband sleeping around without protection, and they bring HIV back to her, and it's a practice that is socially tolerated yet little mentioned in places. Thus you have a load of AIDS orphans, poverty and before you know it the cycle begins again.
    If the pope would sanction the use of condoms it might go some way to help.

    Bloody USA though. They promised something like 3 Billion USD in aid to Africa a few years ago. However, a condition was that 0% could be used on contraceptives. Only on awareness, treatment and a campain to urge people (women particularly) to abstain before marriage!!! I thought I'd entered the Twilight Zone when I heard that one. Now I see the symtoms of it everywhere.
  13. 3 Billion and none on contaception? you couldn't make it up! Would supposed Christians rather see children die horribly? Cnuts!
  14. Well who are the men sleeping around with if not women? I'd suggest if the women stopped sleeping around so would the men. Are we really to believe that they all go out and rape each other's wives every night?
  15. The place is so riddled with HIV/AIDS I doubt anything could actually be done, just by religion and condoms.