Should we have extra bling for Afghan?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by RoyalAnglianMum, Aug 12, 2007.

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  1. Another medal as well as the OSM

  2. Let soldiers wear NATO ISAF medal as well as OSM

  3. A 'HELMAND' bar along with current bar

  4. Get nothing. There's only one medal for Afghan


    The Ministry of Defence is refusing to award medals for service in the war-torn Helmand province despite scores of British soldiers being killed and hundreds seriously injured during the most intensive fighting for 50 years.
    Thousands of men who have risked their lives in the brutal conditions of southern Afghanistan have been told they will not receive any recognition to show that they have served Britain fighting the Taliban in Helmand province. Military commanders have repeatedly raised the issue, warning it risks undermining morale among those involved in repeated skirmishes with the enemy. One senior officer said the MoD's decision was a 'mockery of the courage' shown by men in the fighting that has so far killed 69 British soldiers.
  2. Forgive me if I am wrong but don't troops in Helmand get the OSM?
  3. Speechless. (for a change)
  4. About half of the soldiers that have served in Helmand in the past 15months had already served in Afghanistan (R Anglians, Marines and Paras) - therefore they have the OSM already. The point of the article is that fighting in Helmand is a world away from walking around Kabul - having done both i agree. For the cost of a bit of metal each i think it would have a huge effect on morale for soldiers to have a visible symbol of the difference between the two.
  5. Presumably additional tours count towards the Accumulated Service medal-one thatre one medal has always been the rule. Stunning reporting-"the rules haven't changed"-non story for a quiet news day
  6. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    A poor article and a poor argument. The call here is for a extra medal to be awarded, on the grounds that Op Herrick is so much more dangerous than it was in 2002. The OSM is still awarded now as it was then.

    Although casualty rates are indeed higher, i don't think this should constitute an additional medal for the operation. The piece has its focus on the fighting elements of the 3 Para and RM battle groups - and rightly so. However, do they deserve an extra medal whereas one of the clerks working in HQ for the entire tour does not? The clerk is just as at risk from an incoming rocket or mortar, and casualties of this type have also been recieved.
  7. If this report is true then this is an Insult to all Servicemen. What type of people are running the Forces. Moral has been falling for a long time and this is yet another kick in the teeth. Well done MoD
  8. Why not just be given an extra bar for that campaign....

    in 1st Gulf war troops in theatre got a bit extra on their ribbon ( not sure what is called at time of typing )
  9. A simple solution would be to instigate a 'bar' HELMAND to the OSM
    [Borneo and Malay Penisular springs to mind]
    [edited........ to see that previous poster beat me to the punch]
  10. Surely a 'War fighting bar' / rosette could or indeed should be produced?

    After all the MoD were quite happy to shell out 60 thousand pounds on Iraq Reconstruction medals....
  11. Fugly I hope Your report is the more accurate as we don't need another Moral kicking of our Servicemen
  12. This medal obsession has become something of a curse recently, what with some people demanding a bit of tin every time they leave the UK and former national servicemen who never got futher than Dusseldorf lining up to write to Soldier Mag justifying the wearing of bling etc etc etc.

    I personally think the balance is about right, we still have a system where medals are issued selectively and this ensures that those that are awarded retain some value.

    Medals for 3 years service, medals for every different tour? Balls.

  13. Thats what I meant......
  14. In answer to your question: Cnuts, mate. :x
  15. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Not sure on the Granby medal. But Telic 1 participants got the bar on their medal to indicate involvement in the warfighting phase - all subsequent medals don't have the bar.

    Maybe this should be the way forward - a bar to the OSM to indicate involvement from 3 Para's tour onwards.