Should we have an offical Mong of the year contest?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by brighton hippy, Jan 7, 2006.

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  1. as the walt thread shows no signs of ending
    may be we should have an offical award ceremony for 1 st of april either the walts or the mongs sort of like the oscars but for tools :twisted:
    here are some suggested awards
    worst hstorical waltr (fatboy nazi surely the winner) although the lone jap walt could give him a run for the money
    most useless modern day walt
    the Ultimate farce award for SAS walting
    uk air soft walt of the year
    worst walt from abroad
    best actual serving walt
    best female walt
    the tinfoil berat for most bizarre SAS theory
    I have an idea for the award a tinfoil covered winged cock :lol:
    if done right could really annoy and up set airsofters and reenactors :twisted:
    if we make it a quid and entry form could raise some money for the rbl
  2. Excellent idea, seconded
  3. Agreed, but how is it to be judged?
  4. No need for a've won.
  5. Nice choice of April 1st BTW, the RAF's birthday.

    Coincidence? Who knows.......

  6. can we have a spesshhhhul award for say... stabtiffy