Should we give aid money to Pakistan

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by re-stilly, Aug 5, 2010.

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  1. The usual aid agencies are asking for money to help in the flooding crisis in Pakistan Link. Personally I won't give to this as I feel that any money donated to this will be totally wasted on mis-management and filtering off by the local head honcho. Also should I give money to help a people who's links to an enemy of this country make it, in my view un-ethical to do so.
  2. Surely they wouldn't want our evil, western money? We should not insult the peace loving, Islamic nation by offering them any. Will they burn some more effigies in protest, yikes, now I'm scared!
  3. Yes we should. Better still, all those that have lost their homes should come to the UK and get one for nowt! We're not overpopulated and have stacks of money in the coffers for them, their Aunts, Uncles, Granddads, Grandmothers, Nieces, Nephews, Cousins, Brothers, Sisters, Mums, Dads, Pets and Friends.
  4. We should take a leaf out of the US or Taliban book.

    Yes we should provide aid. And it should come with a dirty great big Union Jack on the side. Get in there and rebuild bridges, leaving them with a plaque 'From the people of the UK'.

    There's a 'hearts and minds' war going on over there. The talib are certainly showing up and offering food, aid, orginisation and making lifelong freinds as a result.

    Plus like it or not a significant % of our countrymen and women consider this 'the old country' and a meaningfull show of compasion and help to their friends and famillies helps us stop radicalism back here too. Especially if promoted in that light.

    Spend a few of those aid millions right now and make sure the media are there to cover it.
  5. No. Not because they have links to our 'enemies', but because Pakistan is a Nuclear power. If they have enough money to be able to afford such status then they should be able to look after their own. A bit like China when we gave them £50 million following the earthquakes, exactly how much did these countries send to UK after the Boscastle floods?
  6. Excellent post and spot on.
  7. I suspect the government may be trying to buy the votes of the few million Pakistanis who live in the UK by sending some aid or by encouraging people to rally round and donate to the various charities.
    The unsuspecting donators, be they governmental or otherwise, won’t realise that the vast majority of any food aid probably goes towards feeding the Pakistani army and is unlikely to reach the most deserved displaced persons.

    I personally wont be donating a penny and prefer to direct my charitable activities much closer to home.

  8. OK we give say £5 million in aid how do we ensure that it does not end up in the pockets of a village elder that isn't also part of the Taliban and that money then ends up buying arms for the Talib that are fighting in Afghanistan. This could also work for food aid as well, give it to the village, the village chief or Talib come in take it away and then sell it back to the village. Money back in the coffers of the Talib to buy more bang sticks.
  9. Yes, we should send them 'aid'…

    'Aid' in the form of a Trident D5 to help clear away all the slums.
  10. Why not? After all, Obama has promised Ireland millions of dollars - following last week's tragedy of Hurricane Higgins...
  11. Cameron states a fact,Pakistanis take to the streets burning effigies of him.Country hit by wide scale flooding,what plague next.Agree with above no point donating when it won't reach those who need it.
  12. F*ck 'em, lets hope there's loads more rain.
  13. There are many UK aid agencies operating out there. There's absolutely no reason to suppose that any money donated will be misused. The Pakistani Army and Air Force are working round the clock to get humanitarian aid to where it's wanted. I'm not for sending money where it patently isn't needed but there is a very clear need for aid to be given.
  14. yes.....

    ....after their recent batting collapse, they need all the help they can get!
  15. No. We're skint, let Allah provide for them.