Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sexysapper, Jun 3, 2007.

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  1. With the British Army being stretched so thin with the IRAQ/ AFGAN conflicts, perhaps a massive recruiting drive should be undertaken. The British army is much more streamlined in numbers today then in the last century. Perhaps a massive budget increase could allow for much more recruitment. Or maybe National service could be brought back, perhaps you may think this is a bad idea.
    Any thoughts/opinions/views?
  2. Defies FAS really remember less means more......
  3. National Service?; no thanks!

    Increased Armed Forces fully funded to meet the current commitments?; yes please!

    Chances of it happening under TB?; Nil

    Chances of it happening under GB; Nil

    Chances of commitments being reduced until they meet the resources available under GB; fairly good

    I have a feeling that GB understands somewhat better than TB the need for aspirations and resources to be better matched. However, I will not hold my breath!

  4. No way will spending on Defence be increased under Brown.
    I do think he will bin Iraq.
    Exspensive projects will be under serious threat from Gorden.
  5. Of course we need a bigger Army. Who believes this bo**ocks that we are a more stream lined Army now and that therefore less men are required. You can not cover for a loss of manpower, its feet on the ground that count.

    Imagine how much more we could do if we had, say, another 40,000 troops.
  6. Budget increase? The British Army spent over 25m recently on ad spend.

    It's not how much you spend, its how you spend it and their planning is flawed.

    Additonally, they need to get their AFCO's in order to keep the potential recruit traffic that advertising drives. No offense, but most AFCO's are crap.
  7. Agreed
  8. 40,000 more troops.... oh, the pre-options sized army then. Now, what were we doing at the time.... ah, yes, NI and the early Balkans IIRC. And now we are doing.... something(s) in excess of DPAs. As the Cousins would say: "go figger".
  9. Q: Should We Expand Our Army? :?

    A: Sure, FREE BEER for all (tw@ts excepted) :wink:
  10. Agreed!

    Use the money more wisely for recruiting, offer the new entrant a bonus of 2K on reaching 18 or closure of the DAOR window which ever comes later (ie make sure we've got them before we throw our money at them) to entice them through the door - JOIN THE ARMY AND WE'LL GIVE YOU £2K

    If we had 10,000 in a year that would only be 20m and would be of more use than loads of costly leaflets that end up decorating the gutter - a form of golden hello for all - putting RG money in the pockets of soldiers instead of expensive consultants and marketing groups who obviously don't do as they are paid - you've only got to do an area search on the armyjobs web page to see this -utter tripe!
  11. Litotes has, as ever, hit the nail on the head. It isn't simply a question of "should we increase the size of the army/armed forces?" But

    a) What are our politically imperative aims?
    b) What is the optimum troop level to meet those aims?
    c) How much will it cost? and
    d) How do we raise the money to pay for it, and how do we recruit/retain the right number of troops?

    If it is right for us to maintain our current level of commitments than we need to fund and recruit to a higher level.

    If we want to have the power and influence of Luxembourg, then we do not need to fund and recruit our forces to such a high level, but we do need to get the fcuk out of various areas and simply stag on at Buck House.

    Its a political thing. However, what is painfully obvious is that we cannot continue to expect our troops to operate at our current level of commitments without an increase in funding/recruitment/ retention and (dare I say it) perhaps putting back a few infantry battalions.

    For the record those we do have serving under the current levels of overstretch are doing a heroic job with far too little recognition and understanding of the real sacrifices made: not only deaths and injuries but psychological effects, family and social effects etc.
  12. If I was CGS I would be asking for an increase in the size of the Army - not nessasarily extra Infantry Bns, for larger units which include all the extra staff and manning that units are meant to get at War Establishment. But currently don't exist and have to be backfilled from other units which have just come back, or are also just preparing to go on Ops.

    However, as we are not currently able to man the Army at our current establishment of 102,000 (99,000 at the moment - give or take), asking for an extra 5-10 thousand for extra posts to ease overstretch and the permament backfilling of Op units would be laughed at.

    If I was CGS and his staff at the moment, I would do all the sums and staff checks to be able to back up what posts we wanted, then when recruiting picks up shortly (should do soon, according to AG) request the uplift in a few months.
  13. You could always do more to promote the British Army to Commonwealth volunteers. Such as myself. Or at least that's what I'll be in a few months once I've gotten my notification and I have enough cash saved up for the trip over. I appreciate that potential language barriers would have to be overcome (although this has been going on with the Gurkhas for a long time now) however the chance to earn the pound, earning points towards UK Residency/Citizenship, a pension (The Australian Army has no pension), the breadth of postings and deployments (For us, it's really only Specialists, SAS, Commandos sometimes and Airlift or Navy Frigate crews who see a lot of deployment time, and few ever see action) and other potential benefits that could be awarded. Anyway that's what's prompted me to apply and save. At least people who travel long distances are demonstrating serious committment to joining.
  14. FAS: Less equal more?

    The only thing you get with less is less...
  15. There is precedent;

    every war in the history of the world. Ever.
    But lets just expand the good units, reinforce success, etc