Should we do this in the UK?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by error_unknown, Dec 9, 2004.

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  1. [/quote]
  2. well at least the frogs have grown some balls to deal with this problem!!

    i wish labour would, although their leaders (the unions, humans right lobby and lawyers) would have something to say about it!!

    agent smith
  3. I think it's a brilliant idea.

    Is the Muslim population of the UK as large though? and how exactly do you enforce the education?

    Will they still be allowed to preach in Arabic?
  4. I did hear mutterings that Germany was going to enforce preaching in German too..... Bit of a common theme perhaps?
  5. I think the original language of Quran should be allowed - but perhaps the rest of the service that does not involve the direct read-outs should be given in the state language. The practicalities of the whole thing may prove to be a bit dodgy.
  6. I think one of the central tenents of Islam is that no translation of the Koran is allowed, Arabic only....
  7. Interesting.. " Re-education " for Muslim clerics..

    State intervention to ' modify 'their beliefs and relgious understanding...

    Don't we condemn China for ' nationalizing ' the Catholic Church and deciding which ' properly educated ' priests may be allowed to practise and preach the ' truth ' [ as China sees it..] so that the Government isn't ' undermined ' by clerics who tell their flock ' modalities of behaviour ' that may be contrary to state policy?..

    Of, course.. France's government is nothing like China's so its all right then..

    Devil's Advocate/Rocketeer
  8. Quite so.

    If you support this you won't mind all of our expats on the Costa del Sol being forced to learn Spanish and not being allowed to hear an English-language C of E service in their expat church then?

    France's xenophobia is nothing to admire.
  9. Hmmm, from the way I'm reading it the article simply states that the imams must learn French, it doesn't mention anywhere that they must preach in French, or am I missing something? Frankly, I agree with it and I'd say that our Ex-Pats should probably have the decency to learn the language of the country in which they reside as well.
  10. A generaly unknown point is that in "most" western countries (ie including Oz and Kiwi eg) "clerics" of any religion are exempt from "any" immigration rules... :?
  11. Yeah? That's it, I'm off to Oz then to start a cult - nice!
  12. i have a smashin idea, right we are all pis sed off with muslim radicals, can we not arrange a festival, kind of a religous journey to mecca or whatever and then send in some instant sunshine? just a thought!

    nice talkin to you all

  13. No, but we could always post your idea to the israelis and we can sponsor the festival?
  14. A Turkish Kurd over in germany (also born there) has just been given a two year sentence for his behavior and on completion will be deported to Turkey. To be short ............he was a pain in the arrse. Parting words of the judge were:

    If you come to this country, you are to obide by our laws and remember that your own culture gives you no automatic rights as mitigating circumstances.

    Top Judge.......Gets my vote. Now Mr Bliar, Sort out your home office and teach the PC judges to pass sentences that people deserve.

    If we were to do this in Turkey......We would be 5 stone lighter, bald, buggered and left to rot.

    I am not saying we should lower our standards to that of cultures that could consider such punishments as lawful. But a sentance that corresponds to the crime should be given and not watered down just because of their religion.