Should we change the National Anthem!

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by destroyer, Jun 28, 2008.

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  1. I listen to the National Anthem and have to say it is hardly rousing or inspirational. God Save The Queen offers neither entertainment nor cultural commentary. There is no evidence that Dr Carey had any great ambitions in mind when he composed it in praise of Admiral Edward Vernon's victory over the Spanish at Porto Bello in the War of Jenkins' Ear. Five years later he adapted it in support of George II during the Jacobite rebellion. Other verses have been added and dropped at various times - in celebration of the coronation of Queen Victoria, for example - but it stubbornly refuses to transcend the 18th-century stolidity of its four-square rhythms and trite melody.

    Since it has never been officially adopted as the British national anthem, either by Act of Parliament or Royal Proclamation, nothing stands in the way of its banishment.

    Would you prefer a more rousing anthem, and if so what would you suggest?
  2. Louis louis by the Kingsmen
  3. can i ask first of all is this a wind up? Are you British?

    This is our "National Anthem" used at every official event in which our nation is represented. It is not in the top 40 and isnt suposed to be. It isnt a pop song here today gone tomoro. its origins are irrelevant.

    i actually do find it uplifting and "rousing". i recently sang it whilst stood to attention in the presence of Her Majesty when she presented the new colours to the Duke of Lancasters Regiment.6000 other people were also singing it and proud to do so.

    what would you prefer Cheeky Girls singing Smack My Botty? that would certainly be arousing :p
  4. seconded
  5. I totally agree. Our national anthem is old and therefore worthless. What we need is something more current, down wiv de kidz and inclusive. Diversity would be good as well otherwise it just gets boring. So let's make our national anthem whatever is number one in the charts at that time.

    The union flag is also old fashioned and out of date. We should change it to a rainbow flag to celebrate our diversity.

    We have some very old buildings spread all over the country that we could knock down and replace with something more relevant to modern society. So level Windsor castle and build the countries biggest MacDonalds. Flatten the tower of London for a multi story car park, replace the monument with a helter skelter and put a mosque in Trafalgar square and have George Galloway's statue on top of the column instead of that silly old sailor.
  6. History eh? What a pain in the arse these traditions are.
    Yes Ive noticed the Jocks and Taffs sing their own anthems at sporting events.
    Some kind of rap song praising how great and hip Bliar was (when it was all that cool Britannia shit).
  7. maybe we could hire Timbaland to do us one!
  8. destroyer

    Are you Richard Williams, the Guardian sports columnist? If not, don't you think you should acknowledge your outright plagiarism of his article of 11 Dec 03?
  9. How about "Land of Hope and Glory" or "Brittania Rules the Waves".

    Plenty of misty eyed sentimentalism, rousing tunes and lyrics, far better than the dirge that is our current anthem.

    And lets not forget, these were the 'pop' music of their day.

  10. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    And here's why the Jocks don't like it,
    6th verse:

  11. Good songs but I think the 2nd is actually called "Rule, Britannia". Land of Hope and Glory is used as the anthem for England during the Commonwealth games.

    Anyhow I want to keep "God save the Queen", I like it.

    EDIT to add (as I am feeling all patriotic now).
  12. Sometime ago there was a petition on the government's website hoping to change the national anthem to Gold by Spandau Ballet. Quite a few signatures I recall.
  13. After reading your posts on the GW/CC debate I almost bit :lol:
  14. What about 'God save the Queen'by those cheeky sex pistol chaps?

    "No future...."

    Very rousing.