Should we burn immigrants for fuel?


Wouldn't the M2 out of Dover look splendid if we reincarnated Roman times and Crucified them on the roadside every 50ft ;D


Our shorelines are being eroded by about 5 square miles every year.  I believe that by tipping them back into the sea off Dover would greatly enhance our coastal defences.  

Of course this allows for a certain amount of wasteage that could be prevented were we to render them down first.  The slurry would form the basis for Solent Green, a nutritious and cheap substitute for chicken.

A leather jacket recycling plant needs to be set up somewhere in the South East of England first.


"The views expressed in this post are intended for humourous purposes only.  The writer wishes it to be known that he in no way could be described as racist, sexist or anything elseist, oh maybe except philanthropist."
A better way of preserving them could be by dipping them in molten plastic.............Slowly of course, this would allow the tide to come and go all day. We could keep thier heads just above the shore line & watch the crabs eat them alive

Im getting a woody ;D
Figure 11 targets, but use .177 air pistols and rifles to prolong the pain and suffering.

We have a group here in Manchester.  Spotted them outside the local Netto yesterday (they always wear leather jackets, tracky bottoms and shoes).  They all had two plastic shopping bags each, filled up, and big smiles on their faces.  Glad they think Netto is an excellent supermarket !  
2 things concern me here:

1. Good RO1 makes me moderator of this fine forum and doesn't tell me (smack around the ears with a smelly haddock on his return from training floppies in warm and sunny climes methinks!)


2: really are a sick bunny! Please get help before I am forced to kill you. Thanks.

Oh, and keep the coment humerous please, I don't want to be accused of running the army forum of the extreme-right wing element of the BNP. A disclaimer would be appreciated as well, God knows how reads this stuff!
Woopert, if you are to kill me please take yer pips offId never live it down

Point taken though, all in jest..........


War Hero
Point regarding jest accepted, but...

I have already informed the Mods Forum that there are some big boys who monitor this site from above and that whilst it has a fairly good reception from those in the Ivory Towers, please do try to consider the impact of your comments on the livelyhood of this site.

The next non-white Doctor that fixes you up (or saves your life) when you do something bad to yourself will, by definition, have been an immigrant or the son of one, and anyone with the right genes (virtually everyone in the country) is a mix of western European/celtic/French decent.

In your own time...  Go ON!

;D ;D ;D ;D

Joking, fair cop will tone it down

Bad CO

Moved here by me....

sorry for stepping on your toes Woopert...
There must be one use for them before they get burnt.

Can we not give the bunny rabbits a break and rub make up & perfume in thier eyes instead.

Skin them and make suitcases out of them

They can become organ donors for tax payers.

What happens if you melt them down, can the product be used as a paint or somesort of waterproofing.

Can i have about ten of them, few things Id like to try
i think i  know you.. and it would be the first time you extended that generous offer in the last 20 years, love and cuddles ;D
fcuk yes, figure 11s all the way!
get an M2HB and let em have it!
northern_warrior said:
5 year old thread resurrection alert!!
meh, looked interesting and got bored, cant resist ressurections anyway especialy of this nature.
northern_warrior said:
5 year old thread resurrection alert!!
So what? Question still has merit and from this c/s gets a strong YES!
Alright fella, keep yer toys in the pram. It just seemed to me that responding to a thread that finished 5 years ago seemed,well, a bit bizarre. Or pointless if you will.

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