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Should we bring back Kamikaze Pilots?

Should We Bring Back Kamikaze Pilots?

  • Yes, Put em out thier misery!

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  • No, Its Inhumane!

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  • Total voters
Who thinks we should bring back Kamikaze Pilots?

I was thinking we could use either suicidal lowlifes or scum like ian huntley and use them to do a 'binnie' into an enemy target

Or use prisoners from guantanimo bay and dump them back where they came from!
For god's sake flash, don't you know this by now? They gave the bu*gers helmets so they wouldn't knock themselves out on the way to the target while having their last good w@nk. Can't have our kamikazes rolling a plane into the water just because they were trying to tug one out vigorously and bashed their head on the seat...
booty_cadet said:
You just found a job for the new chav battalion someone was talking about a while ago...
good idea, recruit down the local job center,
tell them they get 40 bags of coke and all the cider they can drink on the other side.

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