Should we ban Alchopops........

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by headgear, Mar 5, 2008.

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  1. The news is constantly talking about the binge drinking culture and related problems.

    Personally I think binge drinking has always existed (older people forget how much they pished it up!) and will never change and that raising the drinking age to 21 would unfairly penalise those hard-working 18 years olds who actually have a job and just want to chill out at the end of the week.

    Price is another issue - I wish I could drink in a pub as cheaply as the media makes out - lager is not cheap either are soft drinks - its just those alchopop style drinks that are.

    My thought is that if we banned alchopops it would force people back to the more traditional beers and spirits thus slowing down their drinking rate
    and alleviating the problem

    But hey I'm not a politician - cutting back on opening hours and raising the drinking age seem sexier to them!!!!
  2. Ban the chav tarts and their respective opposite sex.
  3. I think they should ban establishments from selling binge. That'd do it.
  4. Banning alchopop's isn't the answer, people will just drink something else!

    Why should everyone else be punished for others behaviour? It fooks me off how all these chavvie bastards ruin everything for everyone else, and I bet whoever suggested this thought of it while slammin a bottle of red wine....

    Bar tagging the bastards if they misbehave, I can't think of another solution!
  5. I think there's enough being banned in this country, let's not add to the list. Just kill chavs.
  6. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Binge drinking is the latest name for getting pissed. It's always happened but now if you beat some one to death or wreck the local taxi office (open rag of choice for examples) when pissed, you will only get a 5 quid fine and told to carry on. Theres no consequences anymore for bad behaviour, no sense of responsibility for your own actions so no incentive to behave properly. Bang a few drunk tossers up for 5 years and drunken fcukwits will vanish over night, see Singapore for proof.
  7. Yes. The art of the cocktail is dying. They should be encouraged to mix their own.
  8. Init, I went to Singapore last year, such a nice place, I read up on some of their laws before I went, UK should take some of them on!
  9. Don't ban the drinks. Ban the Chav scum who drink them and then cause grief.

  10. I can.

    One of the stated aims of extending drinking hours was to develop a "cafe culture" like they have in France. If we are going to nick ideas from Le Frogs, then why stop there; lets set up a British version of the CRS.

    A British Chav in Paris would soon be introduced to Monsuier Heavy Baton and wake up in hospital minus a few teeth and pints of blood. :twisted:

    As any martial arts instructor will tell you, pain is a great teacher. Even Chavs will learn to control themselves when the alternative is broken bones...
  11. and isn't the minimum age for alcohol consumption in France 14?
  12. Don't ban fcuk all. Don't raise taxes anymore, Just shut the local shops that sell it to kids. Binge drinking? We've been a pi$$ head country since the 1600, why change now.
    Who the fcuk would want to live in a poilce state like Singapore? What next? Fines for long/short hair? dirty cars? Ugly wives?
  13. Mac, I think it is 14.

    Frank, lol too true, just the uk is too soft!
  14. My bold........

    To be fair, if you look at the laws most of them are common sense, if you do something stupid you will be punished, heavily either financially or with the rattan cane, it works, there are no drink drivers in Singapore because its 10 years if you do, no one drops litter, chewing gum or fag butts, I've never been to a cleaner city!

    (The porn ban is pretty stupid, but the oral sex one is cool, its only aloud as fore play so if you get a blowy you'll get a jump hahhaa!)
  15. There is allot going on at present:

    Smoking bans
    Pubs dying on there feet
    Online betting at home
    Bingo halls, bookies also suffering
    Supermarkets selling 3 x 18 can crates for as little as £20

    Personaly I beleive that the legal age for drinking should be raised to 21.
    All establishments that sell alcohol must be forced to ask for ID by law.

    Our Govn't wants to turn us into a bunch of wine quaffing europeans that sit outside cafe' bars playing backgammon. Pis*ing in the wind really.

    However, nothing will ever change as like smoking, sales of alcohol raises billions in taxes every year.