Should We Arm?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by mrrandom, Apr 6, 2011.

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  1. In light of the Should We Arm The Average Plod thread and the interesting discussion, I'd like to put to you a question of my own, as I might have mentioned once or twice I've done a bit of research on the subject of arming the police, one of the questions I posed was

    If all frontline British Police were armed with handguns, would there be an argument for other fields of enforcment to call for arming of frontline staff using the justification they are also in a confrontational role requiring the ability to instantly defend without having to wait for police.
  2. do you mean, for example, Customs? Highways Officers? Local bylaw officers, and...dare I say it PCSO's???

    Interesting thread mate. As Police Officers and Alberta Sherrifs are armed yet Municipal Bylaw Peace Officers here carry, spray, batons, and cuffs. But no firearms and they seem to do alright.
  3. I think nurses such as my good self should be allowed a small weapon.
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  4. Officers of bodies who have a confronting role so yes customs,border agency,HMP and would that be the start of a slippery slope ending much like australia

    as I understand it in aus they armed the police, then corrections followed by customs and finally certain sections of security (public buildings etc)

    I'd heard you have a small weapon
  5. If you work in A&E you deserve a GPMG to deal with some of the fuckwits who go in there seeking attention mate.
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  6. I would say no to Prisons, if a prisoner gets hold of then they we really are in the shitter.

    As far as the Customs, is there a need? I think most if not all airports have armed guards patrolling?

    Border agency, we seem to do ok without them? Or am I missing something?

    Would more armed people mean easier access to weapons on the streets? Thus furthering a problem rather than preventing?

  7. Prisons I would think only for escorts and hostage situations
    customs don't just work in airports, what abut cutter staff doing highseas enforcement
    Border Agency they already have officers with baton & cuffs, so clearly a role with some confrontation

    would there be a call for it once we had a fully armed police, would enforcement staff for local authories and public bodies ask for more protection

    what about security, train up cash in transit guards with firearms ? public building security? hospital security?

    I'm not saying it would be a good idea just posing a question of what if
  8. The only armed non-police I've ever seen have been armoured van guards taking cash to and from banks. I've seen blokes wearing civvies and carrying pistols once, but I suspect that they were AFP. And it was in Fortitude Valley, so I can hardly blame them.

    Edit; as for Corrections etc., I wouldn't know. My parole officer tells me to avoid them.
  9. If they introduced sidearms to all police officers, then it would be a very bad thing. Firstly, few people in the UK are familiarised with firearms, and there'd be accidents among the police themselves.

    Then imagine what happens when a scrote/drunk/idiot makes a grab for PC Plod's Glock. If he's succesful, chances are PC Plod's oppo's going to drop him. I personally don't see the problem, as I enjoy it when people die of stupidity, but too much of that and they'll just take back all the weaponry, having wasted a good amount of money equipping and training the rozzers. To add to that, on occasion, the scrote will manage to get away with the weapon, then you've got at best a scrote running around armed, at worst a dead policeman and a scrote running around armed.

    Lastly, there's really no call for them. If you look at the amount of gun crime there is outside of London, there won't be very much, and what there is it's reasonable to wait for the firearms team. Inside London, it wouldn't matter, because the firearms teams are never further away than is reasonable.
  10. [​IMG]


    I'm told one states RSPCA also have firearms for humane distruction
  11. For escorts etc for the prison's I would definitely say so more secure for everyone involved.

    I would say not issue you to all custom's, assess the situations they work in and delegate guns as appropriate.

    How likely is a someone that is trying to get into the UK undetected going to be carrying a gun? (This is a question not a mockery) I would think that they would not put themselves at risk by carrying an illegal firearm? Maybe tasers would be better for them?

    I would definitely think they would call for it if the police went fully armed, would there be a need? I would say no, possibly present them with CS, batons to show them they we are about their protection? Would a enforcer for local authorities really be at risk of needing more than CS/baton to protect themselves?

    I reckon private security firms and hospital security etc would definitely want it but again how much of a risk are they in that CS/Baton wouldn't be able to defend them?

    I don't know how often officers come up against armed people? But I think it could all get very complicated if we armed police because everyone working in a security/protection role would want to be armed. They could argue they are in just as much risk of coming up against an armed assailant as the police, especially in banks and as cash in transit guards.

    I would certainly not like to be the person that makes the decision on who gets guns and who doesn't.

  12. not being borders I can't say but tipping up at someones house and telling them & they're kids are being fucked off back to rapeville might upset them enough

    a few years back royal mail investigations went to recover some stolen post from a posties house,he asked to go and get a bundle from upstairs, came back into the room and IIRC shot one investigator dead- found it BBC News | UK | Postman jailed for shooting

    I can say as a someone whos worked for a local authority, I've had teammate threated with a firearms, and been banned from areas for my own safety due to high threat of firearms

    as a rule people don't like being told they can't do something, and sadly some of them have started resorting to "oh yes I can and heres a note from Mr Glock to say I can"
  13. The 1st two problems you've identified can be dealt with by training and the purchase of a decent holster.

    You just don't arm police officers in order to deal with gun crime. Like I've done to death on the similar thread in the NAAFI knives are prevalent, carried by many criminals, are easily purchased, require no training, ammunition, never jam, are easily concealed, and cam be just as deadly.

    In my old farce you could be waiting for anything up to a half an hour for an ARV, and seeing as they work in pairs generally and there's only 2 normally available, it could be longer and you could be in for an uncomfortable wait.
  14. True that is, It would fuck them of pretty bad, I guess it is a risk. But it must not be that big of a risk otherwise they would be armed already no?

    And shit you just don't hear about these things. It can't be a regular occurance though otherwise people would be armed now must be few and far?

    Some people are just complete wankers.

  15. The very reason all law enforcement should be allowed to do the scroatie, scroat I won't hurt you............