Should We Arm The Average Plod?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BanjoBill, Mar 25, 2011.

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  1. Just been watching the box and Derek Bird is back in the news after his shooting spree in Whitehaven etc last year.

    One of the issues raised was that the plod closed down the area - not allowing medics in to deal with casualties. Some casualties were left for over 2 hours, witnesses saying the local plod looked terrified. Seems to me that if they were all issues with at the very least a revolver - the medics could have been escorted in and out. The whole issue might have been brought to a much speedier end.

    Not forgetting that Scumbag Moat, had the cops been armed, I would wager that at least one cop would have his eyesight and still be doing his job.

    Time for a re-visit on this one I think.
  2. I believe the majority of coppers don't want to be armed.

    Do the police have the time or money to train all of their personnel to be safe with their weapons, never mind proficient shots? The Army doesn't even seem to be able to do it these days never mind expecting bobbies to do it.
  3. I spoke to a copper not long ago about this and he was of the thought train that it causes more problems than it solves, heavy handedness by overzealous PCs and regular bar brawls turning into something more ugly when either the police pulls his weapon out or some idiot takes it from his holster. I think tazers should be given to every policeman / woman and keep the specialist firearm teams.
  4. I'm not sure how true that is anymore. I know this used to be the case, or at least that's what the politicians and blue top brass would say.

    But, I know a few cops and they do tend to get rather excited whenever they are issued with new toys.
  5. HHH

    HHH LE

    Yes, how else will they be able to direct traffic!

    I wrote a long post about NI situation that went MIA due to "server busy" so posted this instead
  6. Maybe their reluctance is partly due the media frenzy whenever a police involved shooting occurs
  7. Can't say I've ever seen a media frenzy, reporting the news is the job of journalists - goes with living a democratic society where there is some freedom of the press.... the alternatives are shit.

    If being armed goes with the territory being a cop, then that is that. Nobody can make the cop pull the trigger and with proper ROE, can't see the problem. What I do envisage is when a cop walks in a pub to deal with a brawl, people know the cop is armed, people like Moat and Bird dealt with more effectively.

    I can't see any negatives at the mo.
  8. I believe the system used to be a locked gun cabinet in the station with the keys held by an Inspector.
    Firearms were issued if needed or in some areas as requested by beat officers.

    If firearms had been available to olice Officers in Workington there is a chance that Bird's tally would have been a lot lower. The Officers who caught up with him may have been able to do more than leg it when Bird pointed a shotgun at them. In other parts of the country armed Police would have been much closer with a correspondingly lower response time. Ironically there is a heavily armed Police Force very close to the days events (at Sellafield) but their initial responsibilities were to ensure security at Sellafield.

    As for firearms training being a problem, the Army manages to train quite a lot of soldiers to handle them profficiently so it shouldn't be that big a deal.

    I wouldn't trust your average Plod with a biro but it is time policy was looked at again. These days we live in a country obsessed with the idea that guns are evil but inspite of trying to rid the country of things that go bang we are no safer and are probably more likely to be a victim of gun crime than we were when firearms were readily available to all and sundry.
  9. Don't beleive the average bobby should be armed. That said, they should have the back up, both legal and hardware wise, to complete their job.

    ie they arrest some fcuker, then said fcuker goes down. Or on the pressing of a button, the armed bods rock up and do the business.

    Likewise, if we started enforcing the correct procedures as laid down then most nutters wouldn't be armed (ie Dunblane, Hungerford even Moat i think.
  10. Indeed.... Drills, drills and more drills.

    Absolutely... baddies already armed blah blah blah.
  11. It is quite true though that, despite the measures in place to reduce the amount guns on the street, we still have an abundance of weapons on the street.
  12. Unless you are honest, then you can't have one
  13. I thought the Police were much more routinely armed than most people thought and I was surprised that they didn't get Moat quicker than they did. Perhaps it's more of a London thing and me living near Heathrow as well. I think there is a case for the Police being allowed to carry side arms these days. Criminals have certainly moved with the times and many are happy to carry guns in spite of the fact that it's a mandatory prison sentence if they get caught.

    I also think there could be a case in a few years, maybe 10 years or so, to actually relax the gun laws in this country so that people can have the means to defend themselves against the criminal gun carrying fraternity. How many victims would Moat have added to his score if a member of the public had been in possession of a gun and had an opportunity to stop him killing so many.
  14. We (as a country) have got firearms legislation completely arse about face.
    What we should be doing is prosecuting mis-use of firearms severely, instead we have made the desire to have a firearms of anykind the sin.

    Hold up the postoffice with a shotgun and get 25 years hard labour, shoot bugsbunny with the landowners permission, so what?
  15. Arm the plod!, you must be joking. Some can't even be trusted with CS spray or PAVA.
    CS spray is to be used from at least a 3 foot distance, ie arms length. Yet on reality tv shows you see the plod using it a point blank range right in the face.