Should Wayne Bridge man up

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by re-stilly, Mar 1, 2010.

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  1. I think this John Terry/Wayne Bridge is nothing but a publicity seeking bunch of hogwash.

    Personally Bridge should man up and get on with it. His ex was a tart and she shagged half his team mates, whopee fcuking do. Now either he has to be fcuking dense not to know something was up or he was secretly hiding in the wardrobe banging one off while his missus was being shafted and got all weepy when they caught him with his skiddies round his ankles and his purple headed monster in his hand.

    Overall the bloke should man up and stop sulking like a 2 year old.

    and don't get me started on the fcuking publicity whore that is Cheryl Cole.
  2. Pretty much agree.
    They were estranged, she had already moved on, Terry saw a hole and any hole's a goal.

    Now ,Terry screwing around whilst still married is another matter!
  3. Correct. It's a non-story. She was his ex anyway, so what's it got to do with him? Time to stop being pathetic and get a life.

    The only "victim" in any of this is the unfortunate Mrs Terry. Hopefully she has given JT a serious handbagging.
  4. They behave like a bunch of chavs, the man is the captain of englands national football team. If this is an example of his behaviour that is acceptable can we stop spending money on a team full of dossers that win nothing. One world cup and that was questionable.
  5. More to the point, did JT take Bridge's other half up the Arsenal...

    Taxi? Why thank you!
  6. Yes, that seems perfectly correct. If you pay the Saturday boy millions, then pretty soon he'll want the master's cigars and puddings...
  7. The usual Z list celeb non story b0llocks that this country laps up. Move along, nothing to see here!
  8. Wouldnt bother with those half assed cnuts anyway. 6 weeks around that twat terry and its not as if we are gonna win the world cup anyway.
  9. not anymore he isn't!

    i blame wimmin for the whole affair being blown out of the any proportion. after all, they're the ones who love the tabloids.
  10. Terry is no longer the team captain and from the interview that Cappello gave the other day, he'll never wear the armband again either.

    Can't see the problem myself. She was Bridges Ex.

    Just her way of doing a bit of team bonding perhaps? :D

    I'm more concerned that Donkey Lips is now in the frame to captain the team into the world cup. Using a bloke that ducks out of drug tests isn't the best choice to replace Terry either.

    I think that if Bridge does drop out of the running then he'll regret it in the future.
  11. Bridge just needs to pull himself together, they wasn't together at the time so how the feck does this concern him in the slightest? Throwing a hissy because his mate slept with his ex who no doubt was gagging for it anyway and if it wasn't JT then it would have been the next bloke who threw came close enough to get her claws in.

    So to answer the question. Yes he does need to man up.

    On a side note, I don't think Bridge is that great of a player anyway, no real loss him no being in the running
  12. I think you'll find that it's spelt "teabagging"
  13. To be honest I'm not sure that the general public gives a flying fuck ! It's the media that lap it up and then try to make out that we all care.

    I work in a manufacturing environment in the North of England where it is fair to say that you would (probably wrongly) class a large percentage of the workforce as Sun readers or Jeremy Kyle watchers, this topic has never been discussed and nobody has the slightest bit of interest in it.

    To make it even worse our so called impartial BBC can't stop going on about it, get over yourselves luvvies and concentrate on the more important subjects in life such as who is winning strictly come fucking prancing.

    Journalists....I shit them.
  14. No it wasn't questionable, England won.

    But it was done and dusted over twenty years before any of these bloody Z listers were even born. Old history and the only connection is in the name of the team. And yeah, 'dossers' is about right for these overpaid twats.
  15. Mother of his kid. How would you feel if shes fucked half your team, and your former best mate.

    Same old Terry always cheating