Should voting be compulsorily?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Goku, May 5, 2006.

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  1. According to the BBC, yesterdays turnout for the local elections was
    A depressing figure and a strong indication of just how apathetic we are as a nation.
    With such a low turnout it is arguable that local government does not represent the population, just those who can be bothered to vote.

    The ideal government is a true representative of the population, so I suggest that the right to vote should be changed to an obligation to vote – punishable by fine or community service.

  2. Well, those who can't be arrsed to vote can't complain about the government not being atrue representative of the population. The government is a true representative of those who make an effort.
  3. Yeah, a £50 fine, and an option of "None of the above" on the ballot paper sounds about right in my mind.
  4. yes, it should be compulsary,

    the Aussies have shown the way on this, if anyone studys what it has done for politics in the great southern land you cant help but to be impressed,

    you dont (or shouldnt) HAVE to vote for a party, there is a 'non of the above' option, as long as you make your mark,

    even defacing/burning/trashing the voting paper should be considered a voters turnout. :D
  5. So you would like to live in a police state and force people to vote. Also by not voting is that not a vote for non of the above anyway.
  6. you define Australia as 'a police state'??.....................
  7. Compulsory voting is daft. I like it that the un-informed mass dosen't vote. They don't know what they're doing anyway.

    We should go back to Socrates's way of thinking. Number of votes determined by your ability to use them.
  8. Surely not turning up is a valid sign that you don't want to vote for any of the listed candidates?

    I don't see why I should have to give up my time, or leave doing something important, simply to go to a polling station or fill in a postal vote then go out and post it simply because I have to do something. Plus apart from generating a statistic what realisticly will happen as a result of spoiling your ballot paper? I doubt severly that any of the political parties will suddenly think that there is a potential group of voters that they are losing out on and will actually change their policies in order to attract them.

    Then you have to consider:

    That some people may simply forget about the elections - lets face it there are people out there who can barely identify Bliar, whilst others may have significant personal events which simply take far higher precedence over voting.
    What about people on holiday or temporarily out of the country - Can you honestly say that voting or planning how to be able to vote takes top bill over going away and in the planning and packing process? Also by the time official registering and issuing of a ballot paper is complete the information may be obsolete

    Personaly I am a student whom was flat out working yesterday finalising my dissertation and other pieces of work, I acknowledge I should have done this sooner however does this mean I would deserve a fine (which will represent a significant amount of money to me) because I did not want to lose my train of thought to go out and vote for something which realisticly will make slim to no difference to my day to day life?

    Standing by with tin foil hat for incoming, no apoligies for spelling / grammer - have barely slept in past week!
  9. I don't think you can or should force people to vote for several reasons.

    People shouldn't be compelled to vote for parties who they feel for whatever reason do not represent them. Surely if politics is going to change the onus should be on politicians to become relevant to the electorate, not by spin and gimmics but by actually presenting policies that chime with public opinion.

    There is a growing amount of government driven compulsion across a wide variety of issues and frankly to encourage their authoritarian tendancies is dangerous. More time thinking about cause and effect is better than yet more legislation.

    Another factor in this is media led soundbite politics always looking to sensationalise issues rather than facilitating and framing a mature and thoughtful debate. Serious media analysis of issues outside the printed press is dead and buried.
  10. No voting should be a privelege reserved for those who serve their nation in public service. Our lot of course count, so does all other armed forces, emergency services, teachers etc etc. There's a lot more rules to this idea than just that but basically you serve you deserve to get to vote.

    Compulsory voting is bollox. Facism makes more sense. None of this touchy feely sh1te we're living in now!!!!

    :x :roll:
  11. Compulsorily voting hardly means you’re living in a police state, it works in other western democracies so why shouldn’t it work here?

    I would say that not voting is more about apathy and ignorance than a silent vote for none of the above.
    By forcing the population to vote, you’re forcing them to think and possibly care more about the policies and politicians that govern them. It’s not asking a lot for you to register a postal vote or make a quick trip down to your local polling station, the end result can only be better government for us all – even if you choose to vote for none.
    I would argue that voting is a social duty.
  12. I'm with Goku... everyone should be made to vote.

    My 2 pennth
  13. What about linking voting to tax paying? ie. You are paying into the system so you get a say in how it is spent (in general terms).
  14. "Service guarantees citizenship" and with it the right to vote.

    Sounds like a good idea to me, and would discount all those currently in the cabinet! :D

    edited for being a mong
  15. Dr stealth it was close enough being a former prison state. :lol:

    I decided not to bother going and putting my cross in which ever box i decide because,
    1.Non of the candidates bother to come to my house.
    2.I have received no information on what they can or will do for me and my family.
    3.Don't know any off the candidates names.
    So in a nut shell how can i vote for whatever candidate i choose, when i don't even know their names or who they are. Surley if they are representing me at local goverment level they need to have at least some idea of what my thought's and feeling's are.