Should US try to restore its absolute domination in the World? It is possible?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Jun 16, 2017.

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  1. Yes, no doubt and soon the USA will be absolute dominant force.

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  2. US should try but it is a very hard task that requires much time

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  3. Rather should but hardly it is possible

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  4. US absolte domination is in the past and it is better not to spend resource for this hopeless task.

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  1. Not only USA, in other countries as well including Russia.
  2. Soviet invasion in Afghanistan was a huge mistake. The operation was absolutely unlawful and unjustified.
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  3. I haven't said anything about which specific things bin Laden may have done. I merely pointed out that his terrorist organisation was well established in Afghanistan. He was heavily involved with funnelling money and other aid to the rebels who fought against the Soviet troops who were assisting the legitimate government of Afghanistan in suppressing terrorists and bandits. Surely in your eyes this makes him a bad person?

    They'd love to, but after they're gone the government of Afghanistan will collapse in short order. This will, as you have pointed out many times, lead to a loss of face for the Americans and decrease their power in the world.

    Eventually some American president will pull their troops out of Afghanistan. The only real question at that point will be if the last Americans out of Afghanistan will be evacuated off the roof of the American embassy by helicopter.

    Yes, no question about it.
  4. There are (and were) some Afghan insurgents that should be respected, that are (were) real 'freedom fighters' as Ahmad Shah Massoud
    Ahmad Shah Massoud - Wikipedia
    General Dostum, dr.Rabbani.
    Osamma bin Laden in this context is just a nutter, religious bigot. He surely deserved his fate (if indeed he was killed in Pakistan).
    Unlike Vietnam that was a battleground of superpowers, Afghanistan is a different matter. It doesn't require big military presence. Number of casualities is relatively low. So the Americans could remain in Afghanistan for decades.
    This situation is rather profitable geopolitically for Moscow. Washington is wasting resources in hopless adventure, resources that could be used elsewhere in more dangerous (for Moscow) directions. Also US military inevitably will make mistakes (crimes) as bombing the hospital in Kunduz that expose Washington in a negative light.
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  5. The above demonstrates your ignorance of or blindness towards history in regard to Afghanistan.
    Russia & the UK spent much of the 19th century meddling in that nations affairs as part of what was known as 'The Great Game'.
    As for murdering civilians; YOU openly support such acts.
  6. Nope.
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  7. The annual planetary summit is held in Davos, every year. That is where they decide which country/corporate will thrive, or go bankrupt, where wars will be fought, who will sell their arms to whom, and which individuals will be placed as the supposedly democratically leaders of their nation.
  8. Sounds very conspiratorial.
  9. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    I really shouldn't be surprised. A couple of years away on the other side of the world, trying to avoid everything and I come back to KGB spouting the same old ill thought out rubbish.

    Change your tune, mate. V boring.

    I may have to switch off again........

    Hey ho - back to my view on things. my view.jpg

    The beer is good here too.

    PS - KGB - thought you might appreciate the amount of red in the photo :)
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  10. 44 years ago, yes exactly in 1973 then a schoolboy I with my mates visited Solovetsky islands in the White sea
    Solovetsky Islands - Wikipedia
    Still local monastery (its walls) bears marks of British rounds left after its shelling.
    This photo was taken on the islands (not by me).
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  11. Aah yes, and just a bit South of there a Russian TU-154 got a Dutch Air Force F-16 escort today.

    The F-16AM from the Royal Netherlands Air Force with a combat load of four AIM-120 and two AIM-9 air-to-air missiles just checked on Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu while on his way to Kaliningrad where Russia has air defense networks and long-range radars associated with the S-400 surface-to-air missile.

  12. What is good for Pakistan? Do they face genuine threats from India/Afghanistan?

    There is no sandwiching of Pakistan between India and Afghanistan. It's the pseudo-Muslims/Islamists who fear losing control of the nation in the absence of an external threat and US/Chinese support them for their own interests.
  13. Elaborate please. I will try to follow your instructions.
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  14. As an Indian, you may not think so.
    As an Indian, you have proved my point:
    Pakistan fears Indian influence in Afghanistan, say US spy chiefs - Times of India
    In particular:
  15. You didn't answer, what threats does Pakistan face from India? Instead, you provide me propaganda of Pak establishments which may/may not reflect people's opinions. Tell me what threat has India issued towards Pakistanis? Who are Pakistani's , do they come from some alien civilization and pose a threat to India?

    What's the enmity between India and Pakistan? Is Kashmir the main cause or Is Hindu-Muslim differences?

    India is open to negotiate and make all possible compromise for peace and progress of region for greater good of all people but the few self-serving pricks who handle Pakistani foreign policy and easily play into hands of US won't let it happen.

    If you talk to common people on both sides, there would be few of them who would call each other threats and more of them who speak for peace, brotherhood and commonalities among us but the so called international media mostly western/Europeans are always trying to show us as two born enemies at each other's throats and at risk of nuclear confrontation. They don't focus on peace initiatives taken, exchange of dialogues, greetings sent to each other during special occasions like Eid/Diwali or other cultural exchange by either sides, but any comment by a general or politician making a hostile remarks toward other becomes news. Why? Because it doesn't suit their nation's interest in the region.

    As a British (US ally), you strenthen my conviction that you guys have little/no interest in peace but your own interests to dominate world and will parrot the same narrative prepared by your governments no matter what the truth.

    I really want India to make a union/alliance with China/Russia and we might do at some point. Pakistan is the only country US can hope to manipulate but with its increasing tilt towards China, we will be forced to interact/negotiate and co-operate with each other. US can enjoy it's superiority in the meantime.