Should US try to restore its absolute domination in the World? It is possible?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Jun 16, 2017.

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  1. Yes, no doubt and soon the USA will be absolute dominant force.

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  2. US should try but it is a very hard task that requires much time

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  3. Rather should but hardly it is possible

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  4. US absolte domination is in the past and it is better not to spend resource for this hopeless task.

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  1. But quantity is only a redeeming feature of Monterey Jack if you're looking to cut corners in the construction industry.
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  2. It's starting to get dusty in here. Sniff.
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  4. 1) What are your definitions for global and regional powers?
    2) However there is a lot of claims, satements made by top US politicians, generals that namely Russia is the main US geopolitical rival and even existional threat to US, to the West. Do you suggest that they are not sincere statements?
    3) China is still not a global power and unlikely will be in the near future. Economically it is dependent from its trade partners. Just imagine that the West imposes sanctions (as in the case with Russia) toward China. It would hurt Chinese economy hard.
    4) I dare say that quality of Russian manpower is at least slightly higher than average level. Russian hard currency reserves are not that small as you may think and sovereign debt is almost zero. Russia also is able to produce not bad weapon systems much cheaper than in the USA and sell them around the World. It is a very important detail.
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  5. Where's Comrade Wensleydale when you need him:

    And substitue the spam with cheese:

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  6. Although the USA is the world’s largest producer of cheese. Russia does not even get a look in it is then Germany France and Italy. Production. In 2013, world production of cheese was 21.3 million tonnes, with the United States accounting for 25% (5.4 million tonnes) of the world total followed by Germany, France and Italy.
    Top 10 largest Cheese Producer Country in the World

    However the quantity is only one factor as much cheese is pretty horrible processed muck far removed from the amazing subtle flavours and textures of the real thing.

    A surprising fact however in terms of types and quality is that is this small Island that is a world leader,
    Forget France: We're the big CHEESE now

    A new cadre of artisan cheese producers and an obsession with the provenance of produce have helped propel Britain to the top of an international league table that measures varieties of cheese produced per head of population. Britain’s “innovation score” of 11.4 cheese variants for every million, puts it ahead of Switzerland with 9.6 types of cheese per 1m people, and France with 9.2. According to Juliet Harbutt, a global authority on cheese, about 700 varieties now boast a Made in Britain label – 100 more varieties than France produces, and twice as many as Italy.

    While trying to discover Russian cheese facts, figures and information however, traditional state security/secrecy made it difficult to find out much. There seem not many types, production figures were hard/impossible to obtain, and details on individual cheeses sparse. So few in fact as to be able to list them here to save serious cheese lovers the difficulty of finding them.
    It would therefor safe to say the Russia falls woefully behind the USA, and in fact, many other countries in this important social and cultural aspect of humanity.

    The variety, rich heritage, and epicurean delight in sharing mankind's principle means of transcending borders race, disputes, religion and cultural differences is food; and the pleasure of sharing it with fellow mankind, a symbol of cultural advancement and indeed some small measure of one's place in the world. Cheese a small but no less important facet of that vital function we all share.

    There are ALWAYS exceptions to the rule and with regard to cheese it is this. A Sardinian delight from a place that is infamous for the quality of it’s Bandits and resistance to rule by even the Romans who described them as complete barbarians.
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  7. If this issue so popular then it would be right to discuss it on the special thread.
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  8. Pakistan's intelligence services are deeply involved in Afghanistan, and their interests there often run in conflict with those of the US. The argument here isn't whose interests are more "legitimate", it's that those interests do not run in parallel.

    The UK's involvement in Afghanistan was during the period when Pakistan was part of British India. The objectives then were similar to those of Pakistan today - to keep all other outside influence out of Afghanistan.

    The situation in Burma was similar by the way. The British took over Burma to keep the French out.

    The Bin Laden family are one of the wealthiest and most prominent families in Saudi Arabia. Handing over the body to them would have created huge diplomatic and political problems for both Washington and Riyadh. Taking him alive would have raised similar problems. In addition, the Bin Laden family were no more interested in landing themselves in the middle of that problem than Washington or Riyadh were.

    The Americans have had numerous military failures throughout their history. They just gloss over them in their history books, and Wikipedia articles (in English at least) related to this echo the American line in that regards. Yet another military failure by the Americans does not tell us anything new, and so is not in itself a sign of "decline".

    It is not difficult to vacate Afghanistan leaving a stable and friendly government in power behind you? Perhaps you could offer your services to the Americans (for a fee of course) on how to achieve this.
  9. Anyway, Pakistan is not the only source of problems for US that itself is a source of problems for Pakistan.
    Anyway, I don't think that Pakistan plans to enter its troops into Afghanistan, to control the country military.
    I don't agree with this logic. Even the worst criminal has right for fair trial. The guilt should be proven in the court according to fair legal process. It is one of the corner stones of Western democracy ... or am I not right. Do you approve murder in cold blood of a person who maybe is not guilty at all?
    As for the dead body then it is inhuman just to drop it into sea.
    I have to repeat the point that you probably missed. The people of Afghanistan have the right to have a government that they wish stable or unstabe, friendly to the USA or unfriendly one. It is not business of foreign country even the most powerful to determine what government Afghan people should have.
    Taliban almost uprooted production of narcotics but some in US puppet government are involved in drug trade themselves.
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  10. Global power - able to exercise military, diplomatic, and economic power (all three together) to a significant degree in most parts of all continents.

    Regional power - able to exercise military, diplomatic, and economic power in areas in close proximity to ones own borders. "Close proximity" may include areas which are not directly adjacent, if there are secure transportation links to those areas (e.g. via the Caspian Sea in the case of Russia).

    I will exclude nuclear weapons from this definition, as the reach of ballistic missiles has little correlation to other military capabilities and have relevance only in very specific circumstances.

    Russia is a rival to the US, but only in certain specific regions. These include eastern Europe, parts of the Middle East, central Asia, and northeast Asia.

    Russia has little influence in South America outside limited diplomatic connections and as an arms salesman. The same is true for most of Africa. and south and southeast Asia. In Europe, the Russian military threat is not taken very seriously in the western parts of the continent. In North America Russia is only a military threat in terms of control of the Arctic Ocean.

    China is not a global power today, but the US sees them as potentially becoming one in the foreseeable future.

    As for trade, the West is just as dependent upon trade with China and China is dependent upon trade with them. Many goods which are manufactured elsewhere in the world, including in the West, depend upon components which are made in China.

    Russia's degree of influence in the world hinges mainly upon being directly adjacent to many important regions. Thus their regional power directly impinges upon multiple regions of global importance.

    However, none of that makes Russia a global power. There are many large regions of the world where Russia's direct power is minimal.
  11. Right to a fair trial? Have you not heard about Guantanamo Bay prison? Or drone strikes? I don't see Bin Laden's sudden (and unlamented) demise as being a great departure from general policy in that regards.

    The people of Afghanistan may have the right to the sort of government that they wish, but they seem to lack the ability to actually implement those wishes for themselves.

    In the 19th century Britain tried to set up "friendly" governments in Afghanistan in order to keep Russia out. They failed. However, they eventually came to the realisation that they didn't need to control the government in Afghanistan. They just needed to ensure that no other outside power controlled it either. On that basis the British then got along with them well enough.

    It is desirable in the eyes of many to have a stable government in Afghanistan who will not tolerate their territory being used as bases for international terrorist groups. How to achieve that end is the big question.
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  12. Except the Americans don't regard him (and AQ and IS) as criminals. They regard them as (unlawful) combatants. You are allowed to shoot combatants.

    Burial at sea has a long tradition ...
  13. But the title of the Thread is Should US try to restore its absolute domination in the World? It is possible?

    Since the US is dominant in world cheese production, it could however still be postulated that it was not the world leader in terms of quality, types, and unique niche treasures, and therefore this discussion could be argued was perfectly relevant to the somewhat vague title of the thread.

    The US will undoubtedly remain a world leader in terms of cheese production, however may have to fight for it’s place in regards to other criteria. Sadly Russia does not even vaguely enter into the equation here.
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  14. I have to repeat - even the worst criminal, murderer, rapist being in the hands of police in the UK would not be killed but detained to face fair trial where his guilt must be proven in presence of his lawyer with all propper procedures.
    It is a cornerstone of Western democracy. Impose killings without trial and you eventually go to Orwellian world.
    In this case it looked as humiliation over body of the killed. Why his body was not given to the relatives to burrial?
    It is possible that the man was not Osamma bin Laden and his killing was merely staged farce used in preparations to US elections.
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  15. 1) Btw, Guantanamo style prison would be impossible on the US territory.
    2) I have heard about polls among students in the USA - do they approve the strikes. And nobody in the USA cares that they are just cold blood killings of people, including women, children that haven't done anything wrong, didn't harm any American. Maybe slogan 'make America great again' should mean - return America to high principles of Western democracy, humanism, respect to the law? Or maybe Western democracy means killings without trial including killings of innocent women and children?
    Yes, with US military presence it is a hard task. I believe that Russia should not supply Taliban with weapons (as a revenge for US support of 'freedom fighters'). Washington inevitably will fail in Afghanistan.
    I believe that it is a matter of negotiations with Taliban. They are not terrorists. They never conducted any military operation outside their country. And they calimed that IS with not be tolerated in Afghanistan. Taliban could form stable government and not allow any bases of terrorists.
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