Should US try to restore its absolute domination in the World? It is possible?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Jun 16, 2017.

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  1. Yes, no doubt and soon the USA will be absolute dominant force.

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  2. US should try but it is a very hard task that requires much time

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  3. Rather should but hardly it is possible

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  4. US absolte domination is in the past and it is better not to spend resource for this hopeless task.

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  1. Obama wanted to focus on China. European NATO and the EU were supposed to hold Russia in check while the US concentrated its forces against China.

    The US hasn't been able to do that however, mainly due to European reluctance to spend the money which would make that plan possible. Hence, there has been much frustration in Washington with Europe.

    Russia is a regional power, and the regions it borders on are important regions. However, the US does not see Russia as the sort of rival to global power that China is becoming. Russia does not have the money or the manpower for that. This is what Obama's "pivot to Asia" was based on.
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  2. It would almost certainly be a fuxite less belligerent.

    We'd have them eating organic cottage cheese in no time.
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  3. Britannia Rules The Wheys!
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  4. 1) The story of US involvement in Afghan affairs is much older.
    2) During previous attempt US supported so called 'freedom fighters' that failed to form Afghan government that could effectively control the country
    3) The Americans failed second time and it is the right moment to recognise one obvious thing - the people of the country and only they have right to determine its government.
    4) What problems do you mean? There was a period of Indo-Pakistani wars (and both countries were responsible) but it is over long ago.
    5) Many countries wanted and want to control Afghanistan - The UK, the Soviet union, the USA. Pakistan is not an exception espesially taking into account number of Pushtuns in Pakistan.
    6) It is true. Washington has a lot of rather nominal allies especially in the ME.
    7) ...and the Americans were well aware about it.
    8 ) It is a very strange story. Was the killed indeed Osamma bin Laden? Why he was not captuted and why his body was not given to the relatives?
    9) Agreed. It would be better for Washington not to pressure Islamabad.
    10) Of course it is too far from success. And what recent US military adventure can be called as a success? It is a mark of fading American might.
    11) Here we return to the theme of the thread. Technically it is not so difficult but it contradics to the objective - 'make America great again'.
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  5. You really are nothing but a hypocritical stooge for a murderous & thieving regime.
  6. But no cheese're not very good at this are you KGB's? You can't make Russia 'great again' (that's assuming it's ever been anything but a Kleptocracy) until you learn how to grate again


    "Propaganda dogs of St Petersburg, unite! You have nothing to lose but your crap cheese!"
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  7. Let's avoid personal insults in CA section of ARRSE.
    If you disagree then propose your counter-arguments in a calm intelligent style.
    Maybe you believe that Washington has a principle - that it is up to the people to determine their government and Washington has to accept the choice?
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  8. Cheese KGBs, cheese, focus, no-one cares about your anti-west rants, your 'Russia as a victim' self-pity or your antisemitism, they what to know what you're planning on doing about the cheese gap

    Production of cheese – 2014
    From whole cow milk
    Production (millions of tonnes)
    [​IMG] United States 5.4
    [​IMG] Germany 1.9
    [​IMG] France 1.8
    [​IMG] Italy 1.2
    [​IMG] Netherlands 0.8
    World 18.7

    Cheese - Wikipedia

    "Mr Sirota must fend off domestic rivals who substitute palm oil for dairy fats." - you've got nukes but don't use milk in your cheese? What did Col Killgore say again? oh yes

    No excuses KGBs - sort it
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  9. It's not an insult if what he said was a fact.

    All the rest of bilge you've come up with is all the usual rubbish. Please at least try and change the record occasionally...
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  10. It's not an insult; it's a statement of fact.
    Tell your murdering government to get their occupying forces out of Ukraine, Georgia & everywhere else they've illegally invaded.
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  11. And don't forget, when weary from shrilling for small-time closeted Kleptomaniac mass murderer and failed KGB agent with SMS you can always look at this and dream
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  12. Nothing about the cheese then?
    Where (other than your blinkered mind), has it been said 'make America great again' means competing with Russia on the international stage any more than Putin wants to make Russia (aka Soviet Union) great again? It's a handle by Trump for the domestic audience not internationally.

    I still don't see anywhere that US and Russian views accord off the top of my head. Maybe defeat of IS but that's a priority for the US and until recently a by product in Syria for Russia

    Russia is using the UN to veto US interests and those which support Russia's allies. No change there and we've seen the vetoes on Syria for example, albeit Russia currently seems to be a lone voice
    Pakistan tries to play both sides funnily enough doing what is good for Pakistan. They don't want a stable Afghanistan as they will feel to be in the middle between Afg and India. It's also why they build relations with China, the current 'threat' to India.

    Your failure to know this in a subsequent answer is an example. Perhaps you should look at Kashmir as one?

    You may have had a point in the early noughties but now Afghanistan is a halter around the US's neck much as it was for the Sov Union. It's probably why reports are coming out of Russia supplying the Taliban. Being a 'strategic competitor' by (allegedly) supplying the enemy. Same in Libya, same in the Middle East, same with N Korea.

    Anyway, enough of boring politics. How's the cheese? I'm sure we have some stocks of 'cheese possessed' somewhere that can be re-badged as coming from Belarus :)
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  13. Cheddar


    Probably the most consumed cheese in the world, Cheddar originated from Somerset around the late 12th Century and took its name from the Gorge or caves in the town of Cheddar that were used to store the cheese. The constant temperature and humidity of the caves provided a perfect environment for maturing the cheese. The town also gave its name to a unique part of the cheesemaking process – known as Cheddaring - which is the process of turning the slabs of curd and piling them on top of each other in a controlled way to help drain the whey.It also stretches the curd. The process helps to create a harder cheese with firm body and is unique to Cheddar making.

    Some History
    Cheddar making in Somerset goes back more than 800 years with records from the King of England’s accounts (the so called “Great Roll of the Pipe”) noting that in 1170 the King purchased 10,240 lbs (4.6 tonnes) of Cheddar cheese at a cost of a farthing a pound. The king at the time- Henry II - declared Cheddar cheese to be the best in Britain and his son Prince John (who reigned between 1199 and 1216) clearly thought the same as there are records of him continuing to buy the cheese for the great Royal banquets. In the reign of Charles 1 (1625 to 1649) parliamentary records show that the cheese made in Cheddar was sold before it was even made and indeed was only available at the court.

    In 1724 Daniel Defoe devoted a chapter to Cheddar and its cheese in his book “A tour of the Islands of Great Britain”.

    Today Cheddar cheese is still made in Somerset but also all over the world. It is made on farms in the West Country and 14 makers are licensed to use the EU Protected Designation of Origin “West Country Farmhouse Cheddar”. The cheese must be made on a farm in the four counties of Devon, Cornwall, Dorset and Somerset from locally produced milk and using traditional Cheddar making techniques – including hand Cheddaring. West Country Farmhouse Cheddar is matured in the region and sold at a minimum age of 9 months and is subject to regular grading throughout its life.

    [​IMG]Larger dairies throughout the UK also make Cheddar and this is sold at different ages. Mild Cheddar is typically sold at about 3 months of age; medium matured Cheddar at 5 to 6 months; mature Cheddar at around 9 months, Extra Mature at around 15 months and Vintage at 18 months or more.

    As Cheddar matures so its taste develops from the young creamy taste of mild Cheddar to complex, lasting, slightly nutty flavours of mature Cheddar and beyond. Russian cheese on the other hand starts to go down-hill as soon as the palm oil starts to separate and interact with the unhygienic zinc/led based 'cooking' pots in the diesel refineries that putin had re-purposed to take up the slack of illegal decadent western cheeses e had banned in a fit of impotent rage at the justified sanctions for his many crimes, not least against the pallets of the subjugated masses.

    Major brands include Cathedral City, Pilgrims Choice, Colliers and Seriously Strong whilst many supermarkets will now include the creamery or the farm in which the cheese was made. For example, Davidstow, Taw Valley, Lake District, Caledonian Pembrokeshire, Lockerbie and Isle of Man in the case of major creameries and Alvis, Gould, Denhay, Parkham, Brue Farm, Quickes, Goodwood Estate or Keens, in the case of farm made cheeses. Cheddar is made in most areas of the country often as a balancing cheese when milk supply from a farm peaks.

    Traditionally made Farmhouse varieties, which may be cloth bound, become significantly harder as they age; the texture becomes drier and the flavours generally more complex than their creamery counterparts. Some of the farm-made Cheddar uses unpasteurised (raw) milk which will tend to have rather more complex and stronger flavours, whilst others will use pasteurised milk. Cheese flavour will also vary depending on the time of year it was made and what the cows may have been eating at that time.

    Creamery made Cheddar is increasingly being sold at a longer age in response to changing consumer tastes for tastier cheese. These more mature (extra mature or vintage) Cheddars often have a characteristic sweet, nutty flavour with a very long finish. Mild Cheddar remains popular as an every day cheese and is characterised by a gentle, creamy flavour and has the added advantage of slicing easily. This is opposed to Soviet cheese which was crap, Russian cheese is made with the same ingredients, axle grease, sawdust and bird-droppings so is as bad, if not worse.

    So whatever your preference, the Tsar's autocratic rule, Stalin's mass genocides and repressions, Brezhnev's stagnation and decline or putin's laughable attempt rebuilding the Soviet Union, there will be a Cheddar for you depending on its age, how it was made, where it was made and the time of year that it was made, no-one has to die for a failed ideology nor do you have to dig more mass graves

    Tips when buying

    If you can, try not to invade your neighbours just because you miss 'the good old days' of Communist dictatorship, instead, why not try nice piece of cheddar? But try before you buy because every Cheddar will be slightly different. Find the one that you like and try to remember its name and its age (as defined by mild, medium mature etc). For a difference try one of the smoked or smoke flavoured Cheddars which many cheese shops now offer or the blended Cheddars where ingredients such as herbs, spices, Marmite© or fruits may have been blended with the matured cheese to produce a whole range of different taste sensations. It might take your mind off wanting to invade your neighbours and take over the world......remember - 'Pinky and The Brain' was a kid's cartoon, not a Russian foreign policy think-tank

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  14. Those statistics are skewed by the fact - indisputable - that American cheese is shit.
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  15. Well yes, but when it comes to cheese manufacturing "quantity has a quality all its own......" Joseph Stalin, ruthless dictator, mass-murder and part-time cheesemonger (early closing Wed.)


    No-one knows why the 'y' is missing, but to compensate [​IMG]
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