Should US try to restore its absolute domination in the World? It is possible?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Jun 16, 2017.

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  1. Yes, no doubt and soon the USA will be absolute dominant force.

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  2. US should try but it is a very hard task that requires much time

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  3. Rather should but hardly it is possible

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  4. US absolte domination is in the past and it is better not to spend resource for this hopeless task.

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  1. I'm pretty sure the downtrodden Russian serfs will get used to their daily Dairy Leaski triangles soon enough.
  2. Chinese cheese is very poor too..... Thinking about it, time for a discussion

    Cause and effect:
    Russian cheese is crap, fact, Ukrainian cheese is getting better, but also crap. Chinese cheese....well, don't get me started. Polish/Hungarian/Czech WarPac cheese was appalling but has improved beyond all recognition since 1991, while I can't speak for Cuban cheese I'm seeing a pattern here, is it

    Communism=crap cheese
    Crap cheese=communism

    if it's the latter Marx was doomed to failure in Britain, however, you can see why his ideology had many supporters in France, despite some tasty soft cheeses

    But Britain shouldn't take it's eye off the (cheese) ball here, being a world Cheese power has many risks.......and now a public information film form the CEA

    Cheese Enforcement Agency - Homepage

    Cheese Enforcement Agency - About Us
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  3. Mr President, we cannot afford a cheese gap!
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  4. Moldovan cheese is....well, they fall under the Russian sphere of influence, so I'll let you guess
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  5. Taking into account size (territory) of Russia and China, the 'perephery' is in fact significant part of the World.
    It was apparent exageration (typical for American politicians). In the times of the Soviet union there was the 2d superpower that itself had "uncontested or dominant superiority" not in every but at least in some operating domains.
    Maximum of US domination was reached in 90's and continued until the Iraqi war that appeared to be the turning point. Some European allies that were regarded by Washington as voiceless vassals demonstrated disobedience. Threats toward Iran remained only threats. Iraqi scenario was not repeated in Syria. Decline of relative (not absolute) American might began during Bush' presidency and accelerated during Obama's one, who was a weak leader.
    There are US bases in Japan, S.Korea. They are serious means of domination.
    Yes, this 'golden age' never existed but it is not only rhetorics as 'Make America great again' is also not only rhetorics as well. And the only way to rise level of US domination from my point of view is to weaken geopolitical competitors. So sanctions toward Russia will not be lifted in future.
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  6. Yes, yes, all well and good, but this thread is about Soviet cheese and it's Russian counterparts - now as we've established that the reason for crap cheese is Communism and as Russian cheese is so bad that they have to ban all other nation's exports so it will sell, it therefore follows that putin's Russia is at least nominally communist - are you happy with that? Don't you like tasty cheese? Shame on you KGBs, get out on the streets and protest.



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  7. What are Russian crackers like. Do they fit the profile of the cheese.
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  8. You know the cheap crackers out of Home bargains?

    Yes, that's them; the ones that aren't very crisp & taste like wallpaper paste smells.

    That's what Russian crackers are like.

    Your average Muscovite would murder for a Jacob's (or pretty much anything really).
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  9. I suppose no Branston's to go with it either eh. Sounds like hell.
  10. It appears that Russian serfs forced the Spaniards to take into account their poor knowledge of foreign languages.
    Recently I spent 2 weeks in Catalonia and in September will return there again - to spend 2 weeks with my family in Salou.
    What have I seen...
    Big shopping center in Santa Susannna. Signs are in Catalan, in Spanish, in English and ... in Russian.
    Malgrat de Mar, Blanes, Lloret de Mar, other towns on Costa Brava - a lot of signs in Russian on local shops.
    Russian speaking personnel on recenption in big hotels is common.
    Salou Cap. During evening promenade we hear mostly Russian speech. An owner of a restaurant in Russian invites potential clients. Another man invites people to make sea trip in rather good Russian with only light accent... It's business, nothing personal.
    One could suggest that life of Russian serfs is not that bad as some believe.
    Now, let's terurn to the theme of the thread. We see attempts to 'make America great again' and plans of practical steps in this direction. South Asia is an important region in this context that is in both Russia and China periphery.
    Mattis' new Afghanistan strategy includes putting pressure on Pakistan, source says
    It is a very important point. Afghanistan is regarded merely as a base to extend US influence, impose domination in entire region.
  11. The USA reached the point where further strengthening is unaffordable, in fact impossible while the rivils are strengthening full steam.
    Washington has to accept it.
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  12. The KGBs avoiding the real issue of Soviet cheese inferiority by trying to hide behind the usual anti-west nonsense about power or strength or if anyone cares...if you can't produce a decent chedder or stilton then frankly as a nation you've failed. Just accept your third-world dairy product poverty and hang your head in shame
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  13. I don't think they're taking this cheese business seriously.

    A life without decent parmesan is no life at all.
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  14. Wrong, life is possible even without decent parmesan but life with only alcoholless beer is impossible.
    3 years ago in Bamberg in restaurant a waiter proposed beer (local famous 'smoked' beer). My wife and her brother (former military musician) don't drink at all and I ... was their driver. The waiter proposed alcoholles beer and I answered that alcoholless beer is not beer at all. With smile she agreed.

    Let's return to the theme of the thread.
    Mattis: Russia wants no 'positive relationship' with US
    By 'positive relationship' mr.Mattis apparently meant master-slave relations that Washington has with it European allies/vassals.
    Remarkably, pres.Obama didn't regard Russia as a 'strategic competitor'. From his point of view Russia is merely a regional power.
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  15. The Americans went into Afghanistan to retaliate and save face after a major terrorist attack. Once there, they decided that if they didn't set up an Afghan government who could effectively control the country their effort would have been wasted. The Americans however have failed in their attempts to set up a government who will outlast their withdrawal.

    Pakistan has been a major source of problems in the region for decades. They want to control Afghanistan because they don't want to be sandwiched in between two hostile countries (Afghanistan and India), and because it also affects their own Northwest Frontier.

    Pakistan was only ever a nominal ally of the US. They gave lip service to the US while secretly working to undermine them. Do you not find it odd that the US's greatest bête noire, Osama bin Laden was able to live quietly for years in Pakistan's largest military town?

    However, there was little that could be done about Pakistan, as they controlled the routes into Afghanistan from the sea.

    What you are seeing is not American success in expanding from Afghanistan, but rather you are seeing the Americans scrambling to keep everything they've built in Afghanistan from crashing down. The Americans would like to leave Afghanistan, but they don't know how to do that without it becoming the sort of huge loss of face that their failure in Vietnam was.

    Not to a European, apparently. We (Canada) are in a dispute with the EU at the moment over cheese. The new free trade treaty is being held up by the EU over their concern that we may not buy enough of their cheese. I certainly have no intention of switching from some very excellent Quebec cheeses to Slovenian goat cheese, or whatever it is the EU thinks we should be eating.

    An alcohol-less Russian is not a Russian at all.
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