Should US try to restore its absolute domination in the World? It is possible?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Jun 16, 2017.

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  1. Yes, no doubt and soon the USA will be absolute dominant force.

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  2. US should try but it is a very hard task that requires much time

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  3. Rather should but hardly it is possible

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  4. US absolte domination is in the past and it is better not to spend resource for this hopeless task.

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  1. Russia, China seeking veto power on their periphery: Defence Secretary James Mattis
    There are two important questions in this context:
    1. Should US try to restore its absolute domination in the World?
    2. If yes then is it a realistic task? Is it possible?
    What do you think 'the international order' does mean from point of view of mr.Mattis?
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  2. Should propaganda dogs stay in St Petersburg spewing putin's lies, or should they hit the streets in protest? Should Russia try democracy? Should Russia stop invading their neighbours? So many questions...... should Russia overthrow Tsar Vlad and give-up his dreams of a NovoCCCP? When are the Russian people actually going to benefit from their country's vast resource wealth? When will putin's kleptocracy collapse?
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  3. 1) It is a universal situation applicable to any country. It is a personal choice - to serve Big Money that in any country own it and rule it, try to change the situation, try to protest or merely to live, work, enjoy life, care about children...
    2) Yes, it should.
    3) If other countries would stop invasions around the World would withdraw troops from captured, annexed territories then Russia would have to follow this example. Russia will not make any unilateral steps in this context.
    4) President, new natioanl leader should be elected, not come to power as a result of a coup. Coups is a wrong method anyway.
    5) I wish it will happen as soon as possible. Alas the Big Money that are at power in Russia have too big power not to allow it and alas just a few oligarchs will continue to control vast Russian resources.
    6) Alas, not in the near future but I blieve it will happen.
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  4. What do you mean restore? They already are no1, you know it, I know it, Putin knows it, the meerkats know it.
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  5. The poor old propaganda dogs, given a list of topics to whip-up anti-American sentiment while distracting attention away from the crimes of putin's Russia, they still fail, it's a good job the KGB's aren't paid by result......if only Russia would concentrate as many resources on the welfare of its own people as it does petty showmanship trying to strut the world stage in an effort to over-compensate for vlad's SMS......ah well, maybe in the next life
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  6. Should we believe that the world is flat, that 20 million did not die in the Gulags under Stalin, that man never stepped on the moon and it was a big scam, and is the moon made of cheese?

    So many important questions. So few answers.
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  7. What kind of cheese? I don't like goat but the rest is OK
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  8. To the hole.
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    1. What are your opinions on these three questions?
    2. Do you think the US ever really had the sort of "absolute domination" that Mattis claimed had existed, or are his arguments simply a rhetorical device?
    3. What implications do you think the rapid economic growth in east and south Asia will have for the global balance of power?
  9. ........and don't forget the cheese, I'm sick of ex-Soviet Union knock-off Edam......100 years since they murdered the Tsar and still no decent cheddar...... In the words of Major Killgor "Feckin' savages"

    I'll even take 'cheese possesed'
  10. I dare to disagree.
    The movement from unipolar to multipolar World is the main geopolitical process now. Almost all important political events this or that way are connected to or influenced by it.
    Importance of the theme is unquestionable even if the thread is opened by your obedient servant.
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  11. Did you actually read this post back before you posted it?
  12. 1) Restoration of geopolitical configuration on the World stage that existed in 90's and early 2000's.
    2) Yes, still number 1 but the USA are losing the status of the only superpower - military, economically.
  13. .......KGB's protests do not address the issue at hand, (as usual) Why does Eastern Europe (especially ex-Soviet vassal states) make such crap cheese? Russia however goes one step further, it's the land of illegal cheeses where they have to actively ban outside dairy products so they can unload their Soviet war-stock surplus on an unimpressed public ....

    Russia declares war on cheese -
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  14. If you disagree then formulate your counter-arguments in serious CA style.
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