Should UK pull out of not only Basra but leave Iraqi too?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by headgear, Apr 11, 2008.

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  1. On channel 4 news last night an un-named officer leaked that when Basra kicked off a couple of weeks ago the Iraqi prime minister ignored asking UK forces for help and went directly to the yanks. alledgedly:

    1. 900 yank forces deployed to Basra airbase to help Iraqi army

    2. 2 yank generals tipped up to take charge

    3. when Iraqi PM had a meeting with one of the yank generals - he told a Brit Brig to leave the meeting as he did nt want to speak to him

    4. Brit forces were not capable of helping out the Iraqi forces.

    Before anyone has a go at me this is what the program said.

    The Deputy Chief of the General Staff was interviewed and its sad to say came of really badly againt the presenter, Peter Snow - I was very disappointed especially when he let Peter Snow of far too lightly when he said UK forces were just sitting there in Basra doing nothing. To be honest this general came of as a petulant child and certainly not as No2 in the UK armed forces.

    If this is true about the Iraqi PM snubbing the Brit Brig then I say **** the Iraqi's ! and pull out to let them fight their own battles as far as I'm concerned not one rag head is worth risking our peoples life over - the ungrateful fucks have short memories and dont remember what let them be in power.
  2. Con Coughlin, writing in today's Daily Telegraph, says that in light of the Iraqi Prime Minister's actions regarding his ill-thought out foray into Basra last week, that the UK should withdraw from not only Basra, but from Iraqi in total. He blew-off Brg. Free's attemtp to assess the situation, and called in the US 82nd Abn to save his butt. A gross betrayal of an ally in my book.

  3. Where is this place Iraqi?

    I take it you pronounce it eyerackey?
  4. Personally, I think its a waste having our boys stuck in an airfield while the enemy can take pot-shots at them with rockets, mortars etc. Yes it's a risk them being out on the streets but since the troops left, violence soared so it showed that, at least they were effective in curbing the violence with their presence.
  5. Laaa la laaaaaa la la la la lalaaaaaaaaa

    I predict a journo, I predict a Journo.

    (Even with the poor speeeling).

    Watch the blogs for "Even British Soldiers want to betray the GWOT"
  6. that be a political decession,

    Lions lead by donkeys/twats/cnuts/spineless dreamers etc
  7. No journo here; see my other posts. I thought this would be topical given the many posts on the list about the whole debacle. I just forgot to spell check in my haste to post - I will start writing my lines immediately to atone for my lack in attention to detail.
  8. In short, we cannot afford the troops to do anything useful in Iraq.

    If we can do nothing useful - we should not be there.

    We remain there, in order that the liar at No 10 Downing Street can continue to pretend to himself and to The Shrub that we are doing something useful.

    The US military is not fooled: they will know that 150 Brits on the street is a token effort: I wonder how many Americans are still in Basra.

    The one-eyed Jock is also trying to fool the Brit electorate into believing that we are withdrawing - but he cannot have it both ways.

    Broon should shit or get off the pot, but whenever he is faced with that kind of choice, he shows is incapable of facing up to it.
  9. If, as you say, its true, then lets get everyone out of Iraq and leave the Yanks to clear it up.
  10. Yes - he's afflicted by the previously undocumented medical phenomenon of 'Terminal Constipation'.
  11. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    The problem as I see it is that if we do completely pull out of Iraq & it really hit's the fan,then the lilly liberals & joe public will blame the British ARMY first & not where the blame should lie,with that pack of lying 2 faced bar stewards we have as a government who started it off in the first place.
  12. I get the impression that Brown has not got the heart or interest to get involved in Iraq. His policy of doing nothing and behaving like an ostrich, in the hope of keeping British casualites down, for purely selfish political reasons is shameful.

    The fact of the matter is that we are in Iraq, whether we like it or not and we should be performing our role to maintain order and assist a fledgling Iraqi government. To quit and run would be a disgrace for this country and our armed forces, who are a professional and dedicated body, when properly led.

    The spectre of body-bags and an election in the UK in a couple of years, are far more likely to occupy Brown and his government, rather than to do what is morally and economically right.
  13. I strongly doubt it. Even the Grauniad has become pro-Tommy, without becoming pro-war, or even pro-LieBar.

    Broon - in his previous and guise as much as his current incarnation - has run down the military to the point where - as we have seen in Basra - it no longer has the manpower to effectively sustain 2 interventions simultaneously; "performing our role to maintain order and assist a fledgling Iraqi government" as you put it, is not a realistic proposition without larger numbers of troops, and other resources we simply do not possess.

    Even under a willing leadership, that deficit could not be remedied rapidly, and Broon is anything but willing. Result: our gunmint is playing gesture politics with soldier's lives. If we pulled all our troops out of Iraq tomorrow the Brit public would cheer, and they would know exactly where to point the finger: at the lying jocks in Westminster.

    Broon's real concern is that The Shrub would disown the UK - and then he'd have to find the money for stuff like strategic lift, and figure out how to function without access to US intelligence support and other such stuff.

    Fecking shame his lot didn't figure out the likely outcomes - and their financial/strategic implications - before they agreed to go play in the sandbox in the first place.
  14. Is that not what did for Elvis :?