Should there be mandatory training to have children?

Should there be a minimum qualification level in care and wellbeing for anyone about to be a parent?

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    Votes: 94 84.7%
  • No

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I am late to this thread but one thing sticks in my mind from my career, in my early 30's when having to address some very juvenile behavior from a 23 year old girl in my team who arrived in the office straight from her one night stand, (I shit you not she stunk of cum, booze and fags) I commented to her that "I was fcuking amazed she was legally allowed to have kids when she could not look after herself".

I think that African women and Arab women should have mandatory hysterectomies until the race emerges from the dark ages or dies off, preferably the latter.

Sometimes, there are just no words to express the exact emotions one feels reading this sort of story
I saw it on the DM this morning, and got very upset - MrsRid's cousin's kids, of similar ages, were staying with us for a few days this week. Hard work, but cute little blighters.
I had to leave the house, and go for a walk, (and numerous cigarettes) to calm down.


I don't fancy you're much...

this horror show avoided prison because they are single mothers. Apparently their kids might suffer if they were banged up...
That is the most revolting cluster of DNA i have ever seen, i know that if i heard it speak I would be even more sick and if I happened to smell it then my sensors would implode.

The horrific, filthy, stinking, ugly cnuts.
So it's been a particularly brutal day in work and I've seen things today I never wanted to see.

My question is simple:

Should the mother to be and any applicable partner during pregnancy be made, by law, to complete a training course in basic parenting?

Effectively, achieve a basic qualification to care for and raise a child in a responsible manner?

This would include such areas as:

  1. How to wash your child and maintain basic hygiene
  2. How to feed and provide nourishment
  3. How to care for the child in the home and provide a safe environment
  4. How to talk and communicate with your child
  5. The impact of drink and drugs on a child's mental and physical health
  6. Child deaths - the avoidable mistakes
If you failed to attend or failed to complete the course to a satisfactory level, it would be the first flag for the NHS / Social Work Services to sit up and take notice of you and provide that extra support and guidance or take measures to protect the child.

There are many reasons why I fully support this concept, which I'll go into in more detail tomorrow.

For now, I'm going to lie down in a quiet room and try to mind block the last twelve hours. It's been one of those days where it's hard not to start crying.
Sorry, just seen this thread.

Can I offer that all of the above is now what my wife does for a living.

She's a Family Nurse Practitioner. The Family Nurse Partnership |

Currently the program is only aimed at Teens, and it's voluntary. She is assigned a Teen who is referred by their Midwife after initial pregnancy confirmation. She is then with the Teen throughout the pregnancy up until the tot is 2yrs old.

The wife teaches the teens how to be parents, not by doing for them, but by 'empowering' them to do it themselves. It ranges form how the feed the baby, to relationships, to filling out the correct benefit forms, to creating family trees to understand family ties etc.

Lets be honest here, the majority of the kids are from shitty background with useless or feckless parents. Some are middle-class who feel the kids need an outside influence, but on the whole it's teens who are destined to make a pigs ear of motherhood, through no fault of their own

It's fairly successful with a high outcome of kids going back into further education or decent employment. There's been a few who have gone into social care or nursing/midwifery. The drop out rate is fairly low too as it's all tailored around the teen and her life, not just the nurse

The crying shame is that it's only funded for, a) Teens; b) A few hundred per county/NHS Trust.

Just because you don't hear about it, it doesn't mean it's not happening


War Hero
Dogs, cats, mice, sloths, crocodiles and wood-lice all manage without training - we're allegedly more intelligent and should be capable. If not, death awaits sooner than expected - every baby born will in due course die.
To be fair, a lot of dogs I've met in my life have been nicer and definitely more intelligent than a lot of humans I've had dealings with...


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All prospective parents should have to go through the same vetting procedure as couples wanting to adopt.
Every new-born should be fitted with a contraception system so that when they pass the above course, the contraception system is lifted and they can reproduce. Boom, solutions to modern world problems.
The question should be mandatory birth control for all under 18.
Putting on a condom or taking the birth control pill should be taught in all schools from aged 11.
This is the only way to stop chavs calling children jordan, mercedes, ferrari, willow & tarquin.
Anyone who refuses is sterilized immediately
That post is filled with socialist tropes, bullshit and exaggeration.
As a snot nosed kid brought up in 50's/60's Salford to extremely poor parents I think I'm more than qualified to call you out.Socialists, I've shit better.
However, I have seen many a young lad from the ACF right through to a full career in the services who came from nothing and went on to become outstanding citizens without follow the way of socialism.
We've all seen them, they start basic never having washed their tea cup out, let alone wash and iron for themselves and go on to be good family men.I
Your earlier comparison with scandi states is a giggle. Forget % of population when you are comparing the UK with scandi states. Our massive migrant population and existing victorian work practices we had to develop a population from dwarf any issues they had.
We imported poverty and we still appear to be following that trend, which all colours of government are to blame.
Happy to help a socialist on his way to betterment:cool:
Most of it is generated from academic studies, economic modelling, sociological research and government data.

I’ll dig up up a few references for you. Sorry they won’t have pictures

Your trope is the trope here. Anecdotal boy done good dits from the 50s and 60’s you realise society has moved on and changed considerably

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