Should there be a vote of no confidence in the Goverment?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by STILTS, Mar 31, 2009.

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  1. After all the goverment cockups:

    Gordon Brown - Selling off the gold reserves, Lisburn Treaty, spend, spend, spend, etc

    Jackie Smith - 2 homes, expenses & blue movies etc

    Tony McNulty - 2 homes (8 miles apart)

    Tony Blair, well how big a post do you want!

    Immigrants given priorty when it comes to processing benifits (this is even from an ex employee of the Benifits Agency).

    Your better off as a single parent than married.

    Education being dumbed down. (9 year old getting a gracde A GCSE)

    Pen pushers in the NHS, not doctors

    Etc, etc, etc


  2. You clearly don't know what a vote of no confidence is...
  3. Perhaps the time has come to introduce PEOPLES vote of no confidence...
  4. Yeah....we could call them general elections.
  5. No, ashie. Elections imply that there are parties worthy of being voted into power; while peoples vote of no confidence will demonstrate the depth of people's feeling for the government.
  6. OK, how did you get Domovoy's login details? I can't believe a sensible comment like that came from the real Domovoy! :wink:
  7. So if there is no vote of public confidence does this mean that the Government think all is OK? Are you saying Gordon Brown goes to bed each night thinking we are right behind him?
  8. In context, no. She goes to bed every night thinking the Russian government is worthy because there is no free press there to highlight its flaws.
  9. I wish I was, with a knife.

    Our glorious one eyed leader is about to screw me and many other small business owners over this year with a 3 x rates rise and an extra 4 days compulsory holiday, the rise being based on the 2006/7 economy.

    Ashie, when you get back to the Politburo, tell the one eyed trouser wetter that I hope he has a stroke, soon.
  11. With the 2% being paid from last years crap year and the following 3% being paid from this years crap year.

    If we are at 0% and falling, then rates should be dropping, not going up by anything at all.

    On top of that, business rate relief is being abolished (which I should have mentioned in the first place, that is where the majority of the tax grab is coming from) and the gobernment is also pushing ahead with plans to let councils impose extra taxes on businesses to help pay for local infrastructure projects.

    The cyclops won't be happy until there are no small businesses left operating.

    I truly do wish that he would keel over and die.
  12. You are welcome to open a dedicated thread; this one concerns UK government.

    If you are as good at reading one's thoughts as you are at defining "democracy", it can be entertaining.
  13. I don't know what you are worried about, it's not like there are lots of companies failing which need to be replaced by growing small businesses. there is always a turnover of companies, and it's good that the swamp thing is stamping hard on the people who are trying to create jobs to replace those lost.
  14. A revolution would be the vote of no confidence if all parties are useless, right? Time for a coup?
  15. Storm the House.

    Its not like we don't have the kit to do it! >:)