Should the wearing of Hoodies when driving be banned

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by POGscribbler, Feb 14, 2010.

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  1. Having been nearly side swiped once again, whilst overtaking a chap wearing a hoodie who has signaled at the exact time as he changed lane.

    It raises the question, do you think that the wearing of a hoodie with the hood up whilst driving significantly reduces a drivers peripheral vision and if they are already to lazy to look over their bl**dy shoulder and check the blind spot when changing lanes, presents a significant hazard?

    any thoughts?

  2. ban long hair as well then!
  3. And head scarves worn by gorgeous blondes driving convertables
  4. Road rage is never a good thing, have a fag and calm down
  5. I disagree. When it results in some dangerously inattentive sod getting dragged from his car and suffering a lesser fate than he exposed everyone else to, it is a beautiful thing to behold.
  6. Yes.

    It would also help if people driving cars,actually grasped the fact that indicators are just that,a means of indicating their intention to move their car somewhere other than the piece of road space they're are occupying.

    Rather than pretending they're Luke f*cking Skywalker,and using the "force" to let you know what they intend to do!
  7. Should see the number of accidents in Kuwait with local tarts in huge SUV's lane changing, they cant see a thing cause of the head gear so just pull out.
    So to answer the question yes and any other form of vision impairing head gear
  8. I also thought about a follow up thread "should the wearing of long floppy hair over one eye be banned whilst driving" as that has happened too.... but maybe that was just being silly,

    however following the comments so far..... maybe I'm on a roll :D

    How about big dangly things like fluffy pink dice, anything furry teddy bear shaped stuck to the window or signs saying "little princess on board"


  9. how about the fecking glasses that have the big thick arms on them at the side - they are like bloody blinkers on a horse


    where the hell is your Peripheral vision??? might as well drive with a respirator on .
  10. Erm I'll be honest here, people who need specs don't usually have good peripheral vision, its the lenses see ? If I look out of the corner of my eye I cant see an awful lot because there is no lens there.
  11. what about the moron's who only clear a patch on the windscreen to see out of on snowy mornings,? or the ones who actually set off with the equivellant of the fcuking matterhorn on the roof & bonnet, should be locked up. 8O
  12. Fair one
  13. I'm not sure why but it seems to be getting worse. Also the amount of people tailgating, especially in 30mph zones when you're doing 30, and they're so close you can't see their number plate, or even headlights in your rearview mirror.

    Some people seem to think they're immortal when they jump in their motor. Some of the worst are those with those stupid "baby on board" cards in the back window or just kids seats in the car. A more accurate reading of those cars should be "baby driving".

    And don't mention the chav scum in their 1.2 Saxo's with blacked out windows and an exhaust large enough to be used as a funnel on a battleship.
  14. It should be the uber morons who don't clear a patch on the windscreen.

    Please don't have a go at us normal morons - it's the only way we can practice our batten down driving.

    Of course we are responsible people who limit the use of the GPMG mount (through the sun roof), to the Town centre high street in the early hours as the schools are closed and the plod are on Refs.

    At that time of day we may accidentally squash the odd drunken chav - but hey, road kill is road kill; if the council can't be bothered to post road signs 'caution chavs on road', then what's a responsible moron to do?
  15. Or the assumption that box junctions can be safely parked on while you wait for the lights to change back and a puzzled shrug of the shoulders means you aren't really an inconsiderate twat who's breaking the rules of the road and simple common courtesy.