Should the UK invade Zimbabwe

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Mugabe is acting like Hitler in Zimbabwe. Isn't it time the UK sorted this mess out and gave the poor struggling farmers, and the general population the help they so desperatley need?

Who here would support an invasion to boot this unsavoury bugger out?
Someone should. It would be nice to see the AU do it. I would suggest a coalition semi-modern African troops (like the Nigerians, Ghanians, Ugandans, South Africans, and/or Rwandans). Probably not going to happen though, as he's strolling around Addis Ababa like he owns the place.

With you guys and us yanks in Iraq and Afghanistan, its a bit difficult to launch such an intervention, and old Bob knows it. Maybe the Frogs could take it on
Should we learn to use the search function before we post?
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