Should the TA change its name?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by spearhead, Jan 4, 2006.

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  1. Yes

  2. No, of course not Captain Mainwaring sir

  1. Personally, what other people think about the TA does not bother me but...........

    As part of the Future Army Structure would it not be an appropriate time for the TA to undergo a name change? Is it not time that the name reflects what the organization has become, the first choice reserve of the regular army throughout the world. The name 'territorial' still conjures up images of a home guard populated by characters from Dad's Army, waiting in vain for some foreign power to storm our shores before they are allowed to do any real soldering. Given that recruiting numbers are low, would a name change not be beneficial in terms of providing a fresh image for the sake of marketing.

    Any thoughts as to what the new name could be? The 'British Army Reserve' is accurate but rather short on inspiration.
  2. Reserve? What, like the Septics. No fcuking thank you.
  3. msr

    msr LE

  4. Shite!

    Reading that old thread makes it seem like I simply cut and paste the whole thing, even though I have never seen it before. For all of you old-time Arrsers I apologise for recylcing old material.

    However, the question remains and perhaps it would be best settled in a poll.
  5. It has been settled at Whitehall, so the poll is moot. You could poll a list of possible names, and lobby your local MP if you feel it's important. Although I think the overall decision will probably land in a PR companys lap.
  6. Strange. the deputy bde cmd of 2 sig Bde, asked that same question :oops: in out TAC approx 6 months ago. So perhaps a change is in the wind. :oops:
  7. That doesn't make sense 2 Sig Bde is primarily a Terriorial organisation, although it does contain a reserve. I'm a territorial as were my grandfathers and great grandfathers.
  8. Army Reserves is about right!
  9. It's been tried and wasn't popular. In the 70's it was called the TAVR (Territorial Army and Volunteer Reserve). It just didn't catch on so they dropped the 'VR'.

    The 'Territorial Army' is thus called because it replaced town and county militias who were not eligible for overseas service, although some units retain the name 'militia' in their title.

    This thread is rehashing old ground - to what end?
  10. The militias have a seperate history (although the TA is being used in this role). They were a sort of conscripted organistation that continused till ???
    The volunteers & yeomanry sprang up around the Napoleonic wars to defend Great Britain and Ireland, becoming what was the TA around the time of Napoleon III (1859?) when they formed volunteer corps, these eventually became Bns/Regts.
    Around 1908 the Army was restructured and these Volunteers became part of the Territorial Army, this change was widely detested (Derby Museum had an interesting display of obituray cards that came from what was to become 5th Sherwood Foresters).

    Then came WW1 where the Territorials performed very well.

    The TA reformed after the war but this time the remnanents of the militia were brought into the organisation as the Supplementary reserve (and still exist to this day as specialist units)

    The TA next be reorg happened in the 30's when many TA infantry & Yeomanry were converted to Arty, mainly as Air Defence Divisions. Although the TA was disbanded in 1939, these divisions played their part in the Battle of Britain (but do we hear about them). Also many TA Inf/Armd Divs duplicated in 38/39, then deployed to France/Belgium as labour divisions but ended up defending regular divisions withdrawing at Dunkirk (slightly biased view).
    Strangley enough once the old TA regts/units had been properly equiped and trained wars started going in Britains favour, all the big victories had a very proportion of Territorials, in fact the best Armd Div in NW Europe was 11 Armd nearly 90% pre war territorial and the best Armd regiment was meant to be Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry.

    But post WW2 the TA was reformed as both conscript and volunteer (conscripts were required to serve in the TA post regular service) and then in the late 50's the RAF took over the role of Air Defence, which meant large scale disbandments. Then in the late 60's the labour government decided to cull the remainder (Inf Divs), putting the TA at roughly size it is now. Then came queen Thatcher and started fixing everything .. then it went Pete Tong.
  11. No doubt if there is indeed to be a name change, it will be farmed out to some Coke headed ad agency to come up with a ‘Brand name’ and ‘Strap line’.

    This will of course cost thousands of pounds.

    Don’t bother

    (One two three one)
    On the edge!
  12. UK SF Reserves append their unit title nowadays with (R) for Reserves rather than (V) for Volunteers .

    Officially, it is supposed to reflect a higher level of readiness, operational role etc. There is also something in the legislative rubric, I believe, which means that Call Up doesn't have to be announced to Parliament.

  13. I dont want a name change. If anything it should be renamed to the 2nd Army or something.
  14. If there is such a thing as a one Army concept, why isn't it just called "The Army"? That way potential recruits to either the "full-time" army or "part-time" army can receive the same service from the recruiting centres & would probably save a fortune on recruiting adverts as any future campaigns would have to mention both!
  15. Not a bad idea that, in my opinion.