Should the TA be used to cover Fire Strikes?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by shoota, Apr 16, 2003.

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  1. So what do you think, why not use the STABs to cover should the fire service members decide to walk out again.  After all they know their local areas, wouldn't be excessively separated from their families and would be doing their bit for Blighty on home soil...
  2. I think they should be used.

    They want to soldier, let them soldier like the rest.

    I don't think it would ever happen though because the tight arssed Government would refuse to pay them.
  3. should be interesting  ;) most fire engines round my area are mostly based in TA centres
  4. AdcisMan,

    I don't know what outfit you're with but if none of the guys in your unit have been trained to drive C Vehicles then how do you get from A to B en masse?  Who drives the Bedfords/Dafs? or do you have the largest rover fleet in the british army?


    all very well but the fact that they live in the community they could easily become targets for militants and get accused of being scabs etc (I know we get Stab often enough but the difference of one consonant makes a hell of a difference!!) If it did turn nasty our families could well suffer.  

    That said there is a strong argument for using TA Inf units to do Op Fresco work but to avoid the above all that needs to happen is that they move to the opposite end of the country.  The seperation isn't an issue as they would only be away from home for upto a week at a time.  The local knowledge argument is a non starter anyway because all crews would still be escorted by local police regardless as they have the comms kit to link back to incident rooms.
  5. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Not, I'm afraid, even a starter.  

    For:  Local knowledge.

    Against: - local resentment;  

    - have to mobilise first (could not be done on MTDs, and mob is a political decision.  Can you see even a new Lab
    gov mobilising to 'scab'?)

    - Training just ain't there (not just Cat C - there are plenty around.  Our unit is 95% Cat C+E) for firefighting

    - Practicalities (i.e. Money).  Where would they live when off duty? No MQs or Barracks.  When would they train for there 'war role' (pretty important at the moment).  Would they be paid when not on duty? - if mob'd, then yes, like Regs.  If not, why do it, and lose your job, with no employment protection.

    - Money again.  Although TA are cheap to maintain, when mob'd we aint.  Trust me, I've been doing the costings.  With the Mob gratuity, and the fact that many are in pretty high pay band trades, means they aren't as cheap as a REg Bn of Inf, average age 19.
  6. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I was told on another board you cannot raise TA units for duty within the UK unless the Russians are in Dover- so it would not happen. And like already posted the TA would love to bail the Regulars out agin.
  7. This is such a political hot potato that it would never happen. Imagine the negative press from mobilising a TA bod who was in the Fire Service and then ordering him to cross his own picket line!! Never going to be considered!!
  8. Hang on,

    If we can get mobilised for a CCRF incident, then why not for Fresco?

    After all, if I was a terrorist , I'd be looking to whack a target when the so called "professionals" were on strike......
  9. msr

    msr LE

    Simple, achievable, obvious...

    Nah MOD would never entertain it  ;)

  10. No mobilisation for TA in Northern Ireland as it is a police action !  Of course, FTRS and the old S-type were always good ways of saying there are no mainland TA personnel serving in NI.

    No mobilisation for the fireman strike, as again there are no war-like operations going on !

    Yes to mobilising for CCRF, as there is a big terror/war incident which must have happened in order for the CCRF to have mobilised.

    However, remember CCRF would probably be seen in a good light - think Army Reserve and National Guard in NY on 9/11.

    Standing in for striking firemen - not such a good image !
    And let's face it, no political will either!
  11. PTP

    well if you follow the logic of that argument through mate you actually shoot yourself in the foot.

    If the Firemen are on strike and the TA have been mobilised to stand in for them, then johnny terrorist carries out his attack that is big enough to mobilise the CCRF... where are the CCRF going to come from? they are already commited to Firefighting.

    The whole concept of CCRF as it was explained to me was to act as an Aid to the civil power, providing a rapid boost of manpower and expertise in certain areas.  It's going to be awfully difficult to do that if your already commited.
  12. msr

    msr LE


    You could always utter the magical phrase (and not to be over-used, or the magic wears off) "Retention Problem".

    You'd be surprised what happens when your Tp Comd uses it in front of the CO ;)

  13. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    A_Man:  All our C+E trg is done by Contractors, and they are pretty good.  The Bde Master Driver runs it all.  I think it's pretty much down to will power and, of course, budget, within your Bde.

    Certainly, down here in the SE we have pretty much all the C+E trg we need.  The courses run whenever we want, the guys book leave, and bob's your uncle.
  14. Thanks for your input, most valuable
  15. Adcis,  

    ignore the above comment by Tea NATO.

    I imagine he made a derogatory comment and it led to parttimepongo deleting the comment and adding his own.

    behold the power of the moderator ;D