Should the Speaker, Bercow go as he is biased

Should Bercow be sacked due to his obvious bias

  • No, he is unbiased and doing a good job

    Votes: 6 4.0%
  • Yes, he has overstepped his authority

    Votes: 142 94.7%
  • No thoughts either way

    Votes: 2 1.3%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
It's all right, he's got a new job. Apparently.



Can't we go back to the good old system of having to slay a dragon, or save the entire kingdom from an evil enchantress before becoming nobility?

I'm not sure typing up Jezzers notes or squeaking "order" are quite what they had in mind back when the system was created....
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What a pathetic waste of skin. I didn't get a fancy title for being an utter shit so I'm off the cry to the boy Owen that everyones a howwid bigot.
.... another article in the Guardian today in which he continues thrashing around ..... apt article title ...

2020 Bercow Hits Out.jpg

.... methinks the man doth protest too much .
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Sally Bercow is no Lady even with a title she is still a tart in to extra marital affairs.
What is amusing is he's trying to justify his being'offered a peerage,' as a swerve from convention and precedent...
He doesn't quite understand irony.
I was reminded of this earlier.
I'm sure John would not like to be reminded of some comments made in his past.
He's changed his hairstyle since then.

Going bald, which is why Mrs Bercow prefers more virile men.
Whoah! Diversity alarm!

That's blatantly hairist.

If a man goes bald on top, he is a thinker.

If he goes bald at the front, he is sexy.

If he goes bald on top AND at the front - he thinks he's sexy.
Thanks for that baldie! I bet you polish your pate in the machine when you go 10 pin bowling :)


With accusations of bullying nipping at his heels, doesn't Bercow realise that suicide is the long proven method (well, since this week anyway) to become immortalised as a saint in the public consciousness?

Even I would agree that he should be given a peerage. If it could be collected posthumously.

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