Should the Speaker, Bercow go as he is biased

Should Bercow be sacked due to his obvious bias

  • No, he is unbiased and doing a good job

    Votes: 6 4.0%
  • Yes, he has overstepped his authority

    Votes: 142 94.7%
  • No thoughts either way

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The analogy would be more accurate as we came to a roundabout and voted to get off it with no specific agreement over which exit to take, leaving Parliament to decide what our ultimate destination was and how to get there.
I agree that when I voted it was to go to X, not a specified house number in a specific street therein. This is because I was fully aware that, in the event of leaving, there would be a period of negotiation. A negotiation is, according to my dictionary, to "confer with view to compromise or agreement." (Other definitions are available).

Whilst I did not totally agree with us holding all the cards because they need us, I was a long way down this path. I did, extremely niavely as it turns out, believe that the economic position of the time would override The Project and the drive towards the United Socialist Democratic Republic of Europe.

I had hoped that the economic compromise would end up close enough to X to be worthwhile. Events have shown that the purity of thought and adherence to the grand master plan is more important than reality.

Given that you appear to believe I am wrong in choosing destination X, please could you tell me the EXACT route to Y and what, EXACTLY, I should expect to find there?
Given that you appear to believe I am wrong in choosing destination X
I believe that there was no democratic mandate for any particular destination beyond ceasing to be a member state and that the only thing you are wrong in is assuming that 'pull off the roundabout' is the same as 'head in this particular direction'.

Other than that, we are all entitled to our opinions and to disagree with those of others.


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He's going to say ‘democracy has come in for a pounding’.
He is going to say he is totally innocent and he was only working for parliament and democracy. He will no doubt make mention that he has been overlooked for a peerage so has been hard done to, unless he has the letter already saying he is on the NY List. He really needs one as that is the only way he can make his wife a "Lady"!


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A Knighthood would do the same!
And be completely humiliating so Bercow would probably refuse it to remain "hurt" and "misunderstood"!


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They didn't lose. They just didn't win.

Bercow was so confident of a remain turn over he went balls out.
And got them kicked!

Having to shout "Order, Order" on the Clapham Omnibus for the ordinary men.
If the gobby little shite gets a knighthood it will devalue them down to Blue Peter badge level.


(When/if they turn up)
Of course they turn up. For just as long as it takes to queue up to sign for their £300 a day. Then they eff off back to whatever lucrative directorship they're down in the diary to attend or it's back to the armchair and waiter service in their club, or the golf course.
I would really like to see him reduced to reality TV appearances. Scraping a living eating kangaroo balls in the jungle or dancing on ice. He made a mockery of the speakers chair and should be treated as a figure of fun.
Parliaments answer to Bugsy.

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