Should the Slaughter of Grouse be allowed to continue?

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by CptDanjou, Aug 14, 2013.

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  1. Perversely should grouse shooting stop the result would have a devastating effect on the species.
    The carefully balanced management of the Moors is not inexpensive and it is carried out to sustain the shooting 'industry'. Without this investment the loss to the rural economy would be crippling.

    I suspect this has been prompted by some random shots of a wounded bird flapping about taken by some liberal hand wringer:

    If these people would like to concentrate their efforts on the prevention of cruelty to animals then maybe they should turn their attention to the Halal method of dispatching cows, sheep and goats... No? I thought not.
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  2. The trouble with most preservationist is that they fail to realise that a great deal of wildlife depends on hunting. It is rather interesting that the decline in songbirds, for example, is blamed on just about everything except the animal life that predates on these birds. Just watch the blame game develop as the 'cute' puffin numbers plummet with the rather rapid expansion of the great skua (bonxie) Southwards.

  3. Prey tell, how?
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  4. Hung up, throats slit with no stunning - animal bled out.
    Before a Fatwah wings it's way over to Bigeye Towers: although this method certainly is used in the UK there are Halal butchers that do stun first.
  5. Nom, nom, nom.

    They all sound yummy.
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  6. 10 years ago maybe, nearly all, if not all licensed slaughter houses nowadays stun 1st. Do keep up if you wish to stay outraged.
  7. I'm not so sure that they all do.

  8. If they's not Halal,end off!

    According to the Koran/Sharia Law.......the animal must be conscious when its throat is cut,otherwise it isn't Halal. ;-)

  9. Thats the way , make it suffer and let it know whos boss , kin stone age cnuts.
  10. It is, a stunned animal WILL make a full recovery after about 10/15 minutes and is therefore a perfectly healthy animal and Kosher/Halal.
  11. They recover from being shot with a bolt gun?
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  12. Any vet worth their salt would have them on their feet in no time!
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  13. Absolute shite,if you want I`ll lend you one and you can prove me wrong by shooting yourself with it.
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