Should the "Sepp Blatter" of the RFU go?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by in_the_cheapseats, Nov 24, 2011.

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  1. Yes - Buck stops with him

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  2. No - let him fix the mess

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  1. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    BBC Sport - Rugby Football Union has hit rock bottom - Rob Andrew

    A disappointing interview here. 5m minutes of crap from Mr Rob "Teflon" Andrews who tries hard to come across as someone whose job is all in front of him, fixing the issues the RFU have got themselves into, without acknowledgement of his part in it.

    Simple truth is - he is a lot of the problem. Heard the comment this morning on R4 that he is the "Sepp Blatter" of Rugby. Couldn't agree more.

    Simple question - should he take responsibility for the mess the Union is in and go?
  2. Yes he should take responsibility and yes he should go, but we all know that he won't (unless given a BFO cheque).
  3. Time for Andrew to make a better break than he ever did on the pitch and head for the door.
  4. Thank the lord nobody has called for him to be replaced by Stuart Barnes in this career!
  5. Yes,Yes,Thrice times ******* Yes!:pissedoff:
  6. We Welsh have enough 'management - committee men' problems in our past, to dissuade us from comment on the current irritations being felt by the E.R.F.U.

    I have unbounded respect for Martin Johnson. A serious opponent. A feared and wholly respected opponent. A man of stature that is seldom ever equalled.

    It appears, as I read avidly :eye: the leaked reports, that some PLAYERS thought that Johnson should have beaten seven bells of shit out of some of the other players (*Sorry, gin obfuscating my choice of words).

    My previous posts on this particular matter have received only a lukewarm reception.

    The late departed England 'manager' (Manager = Director?) is as about as top a man as breathes oxygen. Even I would call him 'Sir' - and I would mean it! I refer to JOHNSON

    Others in this category (Remember I am Welsh) = 'Deano', (the toppest) (sorry about this, but I have seen Richards beat XVs on his own!, Winterbottom (Warburton must have learned from this man), Skinner (Animal - all animals should be wearing red jerseys); Moore, Probyn and the fvcking freak Leonard - as a Welshman I respect these MEN and wish that they had been Welsh.

    I do not respect: Hartley or Ashton - ill-mannered, badly behaved, and not that good to be honest.

    Six Nations' Champions this coming year (2012): ENGLAND - as much as it pains me to predict.