Should the public sale of fireworks be banned?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Nov 5, 2006.

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  1. Yes I am a Council Health and Safety expert and say so

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  2. Sir Yes Sir pyrotechnics should not be in the hands of civilians Sir

  3. Organised displays only

  4. Little bangs only and over by bedtime for private citizens

  5. It is the God given right of every true born Briton to let off explosives in his own garden

  6. Yeah innit I want some of them firebangs to tie to cats yeah innit

  1. Should the sale of fireworks to the Great Unwashed be banned? Or not? If so, or not so, then why or why not, or whatever?

    I think they are noisy and annoying (grumble) and (like high-powered cars) too dangerous for the chav types who covet them for their own nefarious purposes - tying to cats, firing at the innocent etc.
  2. Why should the fact that a tiny minority of "chav types" like to tie them to cats stop the rest of the country enjoying them? Should we ban Citroen Saxos as well?
  3. Why not have the same system we have in NI where a licence is purchased from the NIO (£30), where a date for the display is given and an exact location provided, no fireworks are available for purchase without the licence.

    Having said that go south of the border and buy all you want :D . speaking to some PSNI chums, they say it is unenforceable and they do not actively pursue garden fireworks
  4. I am of the opinion that they should be banned to all but vetted, licenced organisers of displays.
    All too often we hear of innocent people being maimed, blinded or worse because idiots have bought them as toys to be slung around at will or people being careless with the lighting of them.
    Only the other day, an innocent pensioner was set alight by yobs with fireworks when she answered her door to a knock and they threw one at her. ( followed by a brick through her window)
    You can't legally own a gun without a licence, why should explosives be any different?
  5. No, we shouldn't ban Citroen Saxos as they do humanity a great benefit. The chances of you surving a serious RTA in a saxo is almost non-existant. And as most chavs like to drive Saxos, I don't see what the problem is-evolution and all that...
  6. Oh right let's ban bricks then!
  7. Now that would be silly.
  8. Indeed it would, I mean, banning something just because a miniscule minority misuse it generally is. How about banning beer too?
  9. Here in Denmark New Year sounds like the first day of the Somme.

    Until recently no 'bangers' were allowed to be sold to the public, but due to the amount of illegal imports and home-made fireworks the rules were relaxed slightly two or three years ago.

    There are lots of terrible injuries and usually a couple of deaths each year, often due to the combination of illegal fireworks of shoddy quality, and large amounts of alcohol.

    One idiot last year, lit a thunderflash type banger in his mouth like a cigar!

    He survived but I can't see him scoring ever again.
  10. I think the age limit to buy them should be set to 25, or maybe even 30.
  11. Hang on, can't have that can we, not in our lovely PC society, that would be ageist and/or against a 24 year old's human rights. Hence one of the many "legal encirclement" problems caused by the do-gooding PC-brigade.
  12. My opinion - that of a coffin dodger and O2 thief before you start - is that the general level of common sense has deteriorated such that private purchase and use of fireworks should be banned.
    The way things work here in Scotland seems to be almost ideal. Sales to juniors not permitted. Police do estra patrols and jump very heavily on any use they deem dangerous or inappropriate. Setting them off in the street has been abolished, Most families go to the local park where there is always and ambulanc and a fire engine. I live in a reasonably large village and we did not see or hear a firework until last night - 4th.
    There is an old lady pensioner livs ear to me.She was in almost a hysterical state last night because of the terror her old dog was having with even a few bangs,
    Ban them - no. Control them - definately
  13. hang chavs = more fireworks for sensible people = End of.

    Seriously i think that there should be some sort of precaution to stop chavs tying things to them. I heard of an incident where a chav tied a firework to his penis... bet that stung in the morning.
  14. Appropriate thread, since some absolute cnut is letting fireworks off right next door!!!


    Last night we had 4, thats right 4! Fcking organised firework displays in my one village and plus the usual chav bastewards letting them off at random/hurling at passing cars!

    Ban the feckers I say!
  15. They are banned in Ireland but it doesn't make a difference at Halloween. All the skangers (chavs) get them from dodgy dealers who setup just north of the border. Jobs for IRA old boys I suppose. Probably part of Slab Murphy Enterprises Inc. !