should the police wear name badges?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by spad, Feb 17, 2010.

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  1. BBC are suggesting the coppers should have name tags on,
    what do you lot think?

    I know my local plod well and never caught any without the 4 numbers up, so why do they need a name tag as well?

    when I’m a good boy I know there name cause they tell me when they greet me,

    when I see the bad boy misbehaving pleasantries weren't needed,
  2. They've got my collar number to make a complaint or write a thank you letter.

    Don't see why they need anymore
  3. Another waste of money from the PC (not that PC) brigade. As stated, they already have numbers fo ID purposes.
  4. Thames Valley Police already have surname tags on their stab vests
  5. namebadges what like lazy, useless etc
  6. My local force have names instead of numbers on their epaulettes for the last 12 years or so.

    The individual officers can choose whether they want their Christian names as well as surnames, or just 'Constable' *insert surname here*

    I cant see it makes a lot of difference. Half the little scrotes they lock up cant read anyway.
  7. :) very true and their parents cant either!
  8. Yeah because im sure its not hard to find the coppers address via google or other website using his last name and occupation. The answer is no.
  9. not that easy, just search for a mate, through google and no luck,
    that was with his full name and shoulder number, only thing i could get was a facebook page to some other bloke with the same name.

    editted to add i did find him on the forces website and what a lovely picture to print out for his misses :)
  10. I think it's a ridiculous idea, the tag number should suffice.

    Constable Algenon Tinyparts
  11. Seconded
  12. If blokes working on the doors have too wear a badge with there name on it then so should the police. So my answer is yes
  13. With Sandy on this one. Reason being, I am NOT anti police, I think they have a hard enough job as it is. But, as was shown during the last summers incidents, if a PC or member of the service takes off the id numbers how can a member of the public id him/her/it?
  14. What a waste of money. Yet another pointless idea from a pointless regime. What do they honestly hope to gain as generally the person gets your name in the introduction prior to Stop Search, Arrest, Summons etc unless they're too p1ssed to give a shit or likely to be a terrorist.

    I have no issue with people knowing the coppers name. I have an issue with the pointless waste of money in creating name badges. Collar numbers suffice and have done for years.

    Yet another £x,000,000 p1ssed away from actually preventing crime and disorder.
  15. If they're going to take off ID numbers they'll do it with name tag too. Unless you propose they pay even more money to get them stitched to inner and outer layers of uniform.

    Its a pointless exercise dreamed up by people who obviously think the police have money to burn. Door men may have to have an SIA badge. Police have a warrant card and when not in uniform it has to be presented. When in uniform thats what the collar number is for.

    Coincidently where I am being caught without collar numbers on is a serious disciplinary issue for the offender and any police officer in their company. As such its not an issue.